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    This one blew the head gasket and ended up with oil in the coolant. When I first got it, the head was pressure tested and a couple of cracks found, which were professionally repaired and (touch wood) I've not had any other issues yet. I did hunt around for a 352 but to no avail. Cost of a replacement engine verses repair of this one would be a major factor for me.
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    That's a very fair point. You can tell I'm a natural blond...! It's a Mercedes L3000A fitted with a postwar OM312 6 cylinder diesel. Located in Bristol.
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    Long time listener, first time caller and all that... I'm trying to get someone to look at and undertake some work on a vehicle I own. Engine needs looking at, and the head is certainly going to have to come off! Problem is (a) I don't have the time at present, (b) it's stored outside and this time of year is not terribly conducive to this type of work at a very slow, sporadic pace. So says I, let get some one to do it for me and it'll also be done properly. Trying to get someone is not as easy as you'd think as soon as you mention it's a diesel and it's German I'm either met with indifference, no response or a price so high I'd need to sell the family on eBay (9 year old is house trained. Well sort of...). Can anyone recommend someone, anyone who'd possibly be able to assist me? It's been standing since 2007 and I really need it back on the road so I can start enjoying the damned thing! Ta Dave
  4. Actually.... if you read the link, the licence requirements came into force yesterday. I've spent an hour on the phone to the BERR this morning who have verified that this is very much the case, likewise HMRC have also confirmed the requirements regarding licences. As I work for one of them, I know it to be very much the case...
  5. It's cobblers. Well, sort of... 'Exporting' vintage military vehicles to the EU can be done on an Open General Export Licence if you meet the conditions. Details are here: http://www.berr.gov.uk/whatwedo/europeandtrade/strategic-export-control/licences/ogels/military/page51544.html If you don't believe me, contact the BERR yourself!! Dave
  6. Where can one obtain this cleaning agent? Sounds like it might be what I need... Dave
  7. Do you mean this plate? I know a man who does have a manual... I'll ask him. He's also got a complete set of spares as well. Do you know what model you have?
  8. Now I actually have photos of the mounts, it's a lot simpler than I thought. These shouldn't be too hard for someone to manufacture. Could anyone recommend a company that may be willing to undertake this? There are a few place local to me, but if someone knows a firm they've used before... Here are some photos from a surviving Kfz17 in Germany.
  9. This is the offending article: Kmg Ausf A (kurbelmastgerät, Ausführung A). knz manufacture, 44 dated.
  10. I have tried to locate some thing along these line, but to no avail. The manufacturer does still make them, but they are over £300 a set! Do you have any suggestions as to a dealer who may have some?
  11. I've looked about for that type of clamp - nothing is available in a size big enough (I think the biggest I could find was about 65mm).
  12. These are the best images I have, I'm afraid. I have taken them to local engineering firms to discuss them, but they either want a silly amount of money, or aren't interested. Ideally I'd like to get the correct pattern made, but I need to watch the costs so a modern substitute will suffice. Dave
  13. I am in the latter stages of reconstructing the radio body on the back of my vehicle (WW2 German). I need to mount the antenna vertically to the rear outside wall. The original style of clamp used varied tremendously, however despite looking for a couple of years, I've been unable to locate anything original in a serviceable condition. Does anyone have any suggestions for an existing mount that could be used or adapted to take a 90mm OD antenna which weighs around 13kg? I've contacted Racal and other manufacturers and they either don't have anything the right size, or what silly amounts of money! Any suggestions are appreciated. Dave
  14. From memory the circular tactical symbols were used predominantly by Fahrrad and Kradschützen units, with a few exceptions (vermittlung springs to mind). Dave
  15. Currently got the corner of a farmyard in North Bristol. Obviously this side of Gloucester would be preferable for me! The yard where I am at the moment is OK as I can do what I want, but it's prone to flooding and the vehicle is exposed to wind/rain quite badly. It is, however, secure.
  16. I possibly could be, depending on cost. I have a 3 tonne lorry with a box body on the rear, overall height is around 3m (give or take). Will there be power/light, and can we carry out work (such as respraying) on site?
  17. Here's a few German ones...
  18. I think we may well have done!! I know the other ambulance that you mean. From looking at it, it's been very badly messed about with after the war, the main issue being the sealing of the rear doors!
  19. That's what mine should look like, but it has a post war front end as the Danes used it until the early 70s. The Blitz ambulance started life as the GS version and we built the body on over a couple of weekends (I assume you mean this one): This is mine just as the last paint was drying in 2004: We also have a 1944 Citroen T23RU built to Wehrmacht specifications with an 'ersatz' office body:
  20. Hi, It's my lorry Jack posted about! The engine is a 1951 Mercedes-Benz OM312 6 cylinder diesel. The vehicle itself is a Mercedes L3000A with a lot of post war body on it!! Thanks for the suggestions so far, it is very much appreciated. My abilities are somewhere between 'well meaning amateur' and 'clueless'!
  21. Although an R61 replica, have a look here: http://www.fgtrupp82.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Vehicles/bmw.html Dave
  22. The oil is the correct spec as per the workshop manual - it's fresh from the can!
  23. The head gasket definitely blew - I have a picture of it somewhere. It's hard to tell if the volume of oil in the coolant is decreasing or not - there is no significant loss of oil from the sump when the engine has been run. The engine itself was OK - it had been run regularly before and after I got the vehicle, in fact when it was restored the engine was only serviced as it was running fine. Many thanks for all the help and advice - it's demonstrating how little I know and need to learn!
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