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  1. Hi Steve, Weve got Goodwins Auto Electrics opposite Yardley Wood Station, they're prety good. Not too far from you. Ash
  2. Hi, I'm desparate for an engine. Is it just the engine block & head and is it free turning? I would like to make an offer, but I don't know how much it's worth. What sort of price do you want for it? Cheers, Ash
  3. Thank you, it's the wife's and she has had it stuffed recently........
  4. Hi, I bought it from Thompson & Morgan, but I've seen it on sale in a garden centre. Ash.
  5. Hi, Not sure where to post this, but a funny thing happened today....... I was cleaning the yard of algae which has developed on the slabs and also on part of my Jimmy and canvas' from sitting under a tree. I was using something called "Algon" (no, I'm not on commission) to clean the concrete. It's organic, I had some left over and sprayed a bit on a small part of the canvas and paint work. A week later, the algae has gone, no scrubbing, and the canvas has not faded as there isn't any chemicals in it. The paint work has come up clean also. It bought the slabs up a treat, too.......... Ash.
  6. Hi, I have tried looking for my chassis number, but it's not there!! I have bared the metal around the front off side spring on my 353 and found nothing. Strange, though, when I was stripping the paint off, there was a paint run that went upwards, yes upwards! Is there any other way of ID-ing the Jimmy? Cheers, Ash.
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