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  1. Thanks Steve, I knew it was similar to the T-34, but didn't realise it was more or less a straight copy. I bet that would've led to a few friend or foe identification problems during combat, especially once the T-34/85 came onto the scene! Cheers, Iain
  2. Hi, I'm trying to find some information & pictures of Daimler-Benz's VK.3002 prototype. The MAN VK.3002 eventually became the PzKpfw V Panther, & D-Bs prototype was rejected. Apparently it was a much simpler machine than the Panther, with some good design ideas that unfortunately (for the Wehrmacht) were not carried over to any subsequent design. I believe that prototypes were built, but I can't find any pictures, if they exist! Does anybody here have any info? Cheers, Iain
  3. Thanks Davie. :-) I think it looks very much like the one in the Glasgow museum. That one has a pull-out kitchen as well. I wonder how long that's been an exhibit, sure it wasn't there last time I went in....er...um...1985 I think. Glasgow Transport Museum used to be my favourite building as a kid. But I mostly remember the glorious steam locomotives & the big model ships like the "Hood". Anyway, back to the wagon. I was almost hoping that that's an advert from another decade, it seems very cheap for a decent wagon!! I'm pretty sure now that mine isn't a Pilot. It's being delivered on friday, so I can finally dust off the ol' magnifying glass & hunt for some clues!
  4. Oh yes, bed sides. I thought I could see hydraulic cables in amongst them! :blush: Where's me specs!
  5. Thanks Andy. No I hadn't noticed that one....is it just me, or is it a rather strange looking creature?! Has the nose been lengthened or something, it looks a bit odd? What's the contraption at the back end, a HIAB of some description?
  6. Thanks Mike, that's the kind of info I need, as I'm mostly guessing here! :-) PM sent
  7. I think the one for sale on Milweb is a 9'5" version. It's beyond my budget too. It's not the one at Crouch's. Mark, was that the Scania-engined one you mentioned before? I think I'd prefer the RR engine anyway. I'm not the worlds best mechanic, & I'd guess the RR would be a simpler bit of kit than a more modern Scania anyway?
  8. Hi, my other post regarding lorries has wandered off-topic more than somewhat! I'm looking to buy one of these, I would be grateful to hear from people who know, as to the pros & cons of the above? The Constructor I've my eye on is a non- RAF (narrow) version, fitted with A Rolls-Royce 220 engine. I don't really have any leads on an Explorer at the mo', but would prefer a diesel version for economy reasons, & possibly a bit more grunt? A Militant would be a standard 6X6 flatbed, HIAB would be nice! Cheers, Iain
  9. Aye, that's the problem. In 20 years of driving, including many big old vehicles, I've never so much as clipped anything or even run over a rabbit! But, I have been hospitalised for 6 months by a solicitors wife in a Volvo ( & nearly had both legs amputated). Fractured my spine & been trapped in a blazing wreck thanks to a careless driver I was a passenger with. While being driven by my girlfriend, been spun into a tree by an uninsured drunk driver who died in the process (had to crawl away from that one, as my legs were still broken from the Volvo Incident). I have absolutely no trust in any driver out there, & more or less regard everything else on the road as a potential enemy! Thanks to all this, I have a horror of being even slightly illegal while on the road ,sometimes just have a horror of being on the road, full stop!
  10. I've just heard back from the MD of Torton(Pilot). He's worked for them for 38 years, & is sure it isn't a Pilot, although he says there are similarities, but neither he or his staff recognise it. The owner re-measured the van. Came back just as we measured it the first time. He also measured the bellyboxes & that is exactly 2.55 metres. Hmm...
  11. Sean, Yes, they are opening windows. I think "Panloaf" is a generic term for the style of wagon? The other maker the owner mentioned was "Tilly/Tilley". Don't know where he heard it, and I can't find any reference to them as a maker of caravans. I do have a pressurised Tilley paraffin lamp, but sure an' they never made vans?! I found a few (defunct) links to "Pilot Panloaf" vans for sale, but no pics as they're a few years old. These pics are of 1) A van in Glasgow Transport Museum, marked as "A Pilot Panloaf". Not especially similar are they, apart from the basic shape? 2) A caravan that's apparently a Pilot (although they're not sure either). This is much closer. Note the wheel spats are almost identical to the ones on the front of my van. Also the aluminium strip around the middle & the rear lights. Also checked Rollalong (I used to work for a company called Rollalong, laying fibre-optic cables at an MOD site in Hampshire, sure they didn't make vans either!), Palladin & Tudor caravans. None of these look quite right. Hmm. I e-mailed Torton bodies, who used to be Pilot (thanks Richard!), waiting to see if they can shed any light. Cheers, Iain
  12. Well, I've decided to carry on with the buy. If I back out now, it'll be leaving the family selling it in a right mess, it's kind of against my principles to shake on a deal & then scuttle off! It's being delivered to our bit of land, so that's no problem. My girlfriend is pointing out that she won't have wrapped up her official job until next year. So, as long as I don't mind staying put until then (grumble..mutter..etc.), I'll either have found a legal solution, or we can re-sell it & buy a smaller one. There's also the possibility we made a mistake with the measuring in the first place! I can't see it being wrong by 7" or so really, but you never know. The owners are away at the mo, so they can't retry that until they get back tomorrow. I've had a couple of requests for pictures, to help try & confirm whether it's a Pilot or not, so here's some I took when I went to see it. Cheers, Iain
  13. Mike, could you pm me some details please? That'd be great! An Explorer has always been top of my list, whether I buy this particular wagon or not. Cheers, Iain
  14. Explorer? Grrr...jealous! :-) Can I ask, what are the dimensions of your van? Cheers, Iain
  15. Thanks for that Richard, that's the only bit of good news I've had all week!! :-)
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