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  1. AS I previously stated , the engine has not been removed I am concentrating on the mechanics to get the vehicle up and running in order to attend the 60th anniversary champ camp in June. At some point the engine bay was sprayed with waxoil 20 plus years ago this has turned white with age, when I get the time I will clean it off I have removed the air cleaner to help in this process. On the plus side I managed to get to Worcester VRO today and they are processing my application to retain the original registration number, have cleaned the air filter removing 20 + year old oil, dead flies etc. And dissasembled and painted the wiper motors and undid the trailer socket cover. Petrol tank removal tomo.
  2. Nuther one of those Champ days three steps forward and one back, have sorted front brake cylinders and flexi pipes all from landrover :cheesy: have rebuilt rear cylinders as these are hard to come by. Sourced a set of new brake shoes from Dave Lock and sorted rear winch panel and rear seat bottom panel from Malcolm Scott, also tyres sorted :cheesy: now for the fun bit. The oil filter element seems to be about 1 1/2" too long I have the two plates but am still struggling. Took a pile of stuff to the shotblasters only to be told now that the compressor is U/S and will have to wait till its fixed before wheels etc etc are blasted and painted. Started to look at non original winch as I have to take the fuel tank out and need to replace rotten tank straps found mouse nest as well !! not sure about winch should it be kept as part of its history or removed as its not original. Off to Worcester DVLA tomo to hopefully get the champ registered, don't know what we will all do if they close the local offices can just see it now as the Swansea computer says " NO" Grrrrrrrrr. MOUSE !
  3. The thing I am not sure about regarding the filter is that it is different from the old one I removed, I have attached pics of new filter, the old one had a circular metal disc top and bottom can I swap these over to the new element ? The reason for not painting the engine bay is that I have not removed the engine plus it looks a lot worse than it is as at some point the inside of the bay was sprayed with a waxoyl type substance that I have not had time to clean off yet. .
  4. Two steps forward one back have rebuilt the carb and cleaned the fuel filter that was half full of water !!! generator and belts fitted along with fan though I am stumped on oil filter at the mo as I think I may have the wrong type of filter anyone have any knowledge on sorting this type ? will wait untill filter sorted before fitting carb as its a pig to get at filter with it fitted. Have stripped inner and outer windscreen frame ready for blasting and will look at getting the wheels off over xmas ready to start in on the brakes.
  5. Nuther day int shed and thermostat refitted along with coil, HT leds and other various pipework, checked gaps on tappets and fitted rocker cover with new gasket have sourced new plugs will fit them on next visit. This week I will mainly be rebuildig the carb and making up the exhaust system ready for another session unless I get volunteered to do the xmas shopping thing..
  6. Got lucky this afternoon took it apart and cleaned it up and it works ok in boiling water so will refit it on my next visit to the shed.
  7. Head fitted with new gasket, though have to sort thermostat, rebuilt dizzy fitted am now replacing old HT leads with new ones am on the look out for a new set of plugs, next job is to rebuild carb then look at fuel system. Manged to sort exhaust system at Malvern sale so thats another job which will be ongoing am hoping to have her running over the xmas hols.
  8. Have now sorted exhaust valves and am now cleaning head and giving it a coat of paint before refitting next wkend
  9. Thanks for info on paint, have now freed up the engine all looks ok, and have removed ex valves and bedded them in using a dab of grinding paste, will do the same to inlets before refitting head next wkends job.
  10. Have now managed to move champ to workshop have removed various parts ready to have them shotblasted, engine is stuck so have removed head prior to freeing it up this wkend hopefully. Would like to know correct paint colour for engine and main bodywork, help please !! Cheers RR :cool2:
  11. Ok miff See you at 10am for briefing on what marshaling needs to be done, not much as it happens just parking in speeechouse field and one of two mountain bike tracks on the sallow vallets section are of concern will provide high vis jacket. Cheers RR.
  12. 17th September Forest Of Dean Off Road Run Its back by popular demand as we had soooooooooooooo much fun the last time we though hell lets do it again ! with longer routes this time. Off road run around the Forest on forestry tracks. 10 am meet at the Speechouse Hotel follow fodmec / MVT signs. 10.30 am Quick overview of WWII Forest Amunition storage area and shistory of Whirlwind crash 1941 Talk By Terry Halford. 11 am Set off on first part of tour to inc WWII US camp. 1 pm return to speech House field for lunch 2 pm second part of tour to take in points of interest. 3.30ish return to speechouse NB. Route between 15/20 miles please ensure all vehicles have enough fuel in their tanks. PLEASE NOTE NO VEHICLES LARGER THAN A GMC / Jimmy as there are heighth and width restrictions on the route plus no civilian 4x4's Should be a great day thanks to the Forestry and Speechouse Hotel lets pray for some weather. The Speechouse Hotel have agreed to provide food for lunch, soup, sarnys, chips etc which can be pre ordered before we leave on the morning run, cricket pavilion at our disposal for Whirlwind talk and lunch. Anyone wishing to attend Please contact Jeremy Tobin on M 07899704561 or E jeremy62@btopenworld.com as space is limited and is filling up fast. Cheers Jeremy Tobin
  13. Hi All Have Just found an Austin Champ, well two really but the second one is a parts only donor.The truck I am going to restore is complete though has been stood for 15 plus years, it also comes with a narrow track trailer. Having restored mainly WWII vehicles in the past so this is going to be something different !!!. Am looking forward to getting them all moved to the workshop so that I can see what I am up against, I have around 1.5 tonnes of spares to sort through as well, which I hope will help fund this project, hopefully I will get it to Evesham next June for the Champ Camp. Watch this space :nut:. Jeremy Tobin.
  14. Hi all Anyone know what has happened to the maple leap up website ? have just tried to log in and it looks as though it's gone which is a real shame as it was so usefull to anyone who owns or is restoring a WWII CMP vehicle. RR.
  15. Its probaby been mentioned before on here but does anyone know who can supply a decent 6 volt battery to fit my WWII jeep, I think that a type 511 is what I am after ?
  16. Found this site awhile ago and think its great, so thought I'd sign up and say hello and tell you all a bit about myself. I have had an interest in things military from a young age, and after travelling to Normandy in 1984 as an 18 yr old I returned back to the Uk and bought a 1940 Norton 16H in a couple of tea chests :cool2: I then proceeded to put it together after a fasion and used to pop down the road on it now and again for a bit of fun while I was into go faster superbikes. 1993 and I thought it time for a change and sold the Yam FJ 1200 and bought a 1944 Ford GPW which needed completely rebuilding this was my first proper attempt at restoring a miliary vehicle and it was a sharp learning curve :nut: a year later and I went to Normandy in it !!!! Then I realise now I began to suffer from Green Machine syndrome and had a 1942 Dodge WC 51 followed by a Dodge WC 62 both needed a fair bit of restoration and I enjoyed owning both. 2002 and I missed having a M/C so I decided to rebuild the Norton and put it on the road properly and having done that realised the Jeep could do with some fettling ready for Normandy 2004. What to do next ? I had always liked CMP trucks so I managed to find a 1942 C15 Chev truck that needed a total rebuild so started a five year restoration project which is now up and running. Will post pics of rebuild when time permits Last year took the Norton to Normandy on the 65 for 65 tour which was the best experience ever. So there you go ! thats what happens when you become afflicted by green machine syndrome :-D Regards Jeremy.
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