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  1. HEY - I can see your ready for another Iltis! Why not pop down to West Wales and buy mine? It needs a bit of TLC and I've got too many projects on the go to do it justice :laugh: Regards Cen
  2. Haha - perhaps a string and a magnet'll get Jack back in the bar! We live in Pembroke Dock, old Naval town which was home to a few squadrons of Sunderlands and Catalinas during and after the war. One sank at it's mooring in 1940 when a storm tore out the mooring eye, leaving a hole. Some local divers found it a few years ago and we've been diving it ever since. There's now a nice little museum here full of bits already raised including one of the Pegasus engines. If you google Sunderland sunk Pembroke Dock you should find some intersesting info on it. There's a few youtube clips and it featured in an episode of Wreck Detectives. You can also become a friend of the Sunderland Trust and get regular updates. It's the only Mark 1 left in the world. We're also blessed with loads of wartime ship wrecks on our doorstep. Your airforce truck sounds interesting - I've had several interesting trucks over the years, but being a dealer means that stuff has to be moved on - but at least I get to play with it in the meantime! Gotta hit the hay now - early start. Nice to meet you , catch up with you again soon , Cheers Cen
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is Cen. I run a new and used motorspares outlet and accomodation and storage business in West Wales. I have a VW iLTIS and a couple of Sankeys at the moment . I find any oddball vehicles of interest and I am currently part of a dive team attempting to raise a sunken wartime Sunderland Flying Boat. I also own some Napolionic Naval buildings in the area which we are slowly restoring. Nice to join you all, Cen :cheesy:
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