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  1. Hi these are the wheels and tires I used http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Hex-12MM-Wheels-108mm-Tires-1-9-Land-Rove-D90-Wrangler-Jeep-1-10-Crawler-/261909178806?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cfb00e9b6 steve
  2. only video I have of this is in the testing stage ,must get one done .
  3. Hi Here is the build thread for this model ,uses 108mm tires ,works out about 1/12 scale http://www.scalerc.co.uk/forum/forums-finest-builds/58682-stolly-fv-622.html My current project on the go for me is a scammell explorer bit harder to build but that's the fun ,next on my list I was thinking a militant mk3 wrecker ,I am looking at ways to cut costs down using different parts as price can get silly for anything with more 2 axles .
  4. This one wont swim the electrics are not waterproof, plus I put 4 oz of lead in each tire to help keep it stable when going off road (counter balance the height ),the chassis design is also not water friendly as it acts like a giant scoop and fills the gearbox and motor with water :-(. I do take it for a paddle though ,would go in water 5-6" but the rebuild afterwards is not an easy thing as its a pain to work on .All said it is good fun to drive .
  5. This did get completed ,the 2 speed was been exchanged out for a single speed unit this runs better now . Pictures
  6. Here is the basic layout for the drive it consists of 3 axles connected by using 2 transfer cases ,to the motor and gear box at the rear .It is not the easiest model to work on with very little space in there . Not going for swimming version yet just trying to get it to work .I have got the thought in the back of my mind though think I would ditch the 2 speed for a single speed unit to free up a channel on the transmitter . test run vid :-) steve
  7. I started on this a while ago ,I found a basic drawing on the internet thought it would be a challenge . Its 6 wheel drive ,front 4 wheels steer , has a 2 speed box driving 2 transfer boxes to the axles ,working winch will be fitted soon .it weighs in around 15lb and will run about 10mph in top gear .
  8. ok as requested some pictures of chassis this was my drawing to work from ,off internet then enlarged to give the correct tire size i was using it worked out well as the width was very close to the axle's i wanted to use the front suspension was fixed in the center the rear axles mounting and suspension ,at present the suspension is to soft more springs are needed to firm up the rear end ,yes there is 2 axles on the rear ,at present i am working on a single axle design using proper walking beam ( lots of head scratching) here is the transfere box it i
  9. Hi there its 1/12 scale approx in size and travels about 4 mph with the wind behind it :laugh:
  10. had a play at weekend ,this is great fun to drive has loads of torque not a lot stops it
  11. Another update got the jib winch mounted and working :-D(not through transmitter though but with 2 small switches ) it can lift about 12lb, i tested it at weekend and next problem is the back end weighs that much when i tried to drive up a slope 40% it was doing a wheelie (now thats something you dont see every day ) so its out with the lead pound and half should do the trick under the bonnet ,still need to make rope/wire guide and tidy up winch motor ,more update pics soon
  12. just an update have done a few more bits ,i have now started to paint , but have run out , so yet another trip to the paint shop. enjoy the pictures
  13. thats good news green it will be ,at last i have now fittied extending jib with motor control, this is being worked from a switch on the rear not from transmitter as previous thought couple of small bits still to do on this section but nothing major now ..
  14. can any one please tell me the colour of the interiour in the cab, or if any body has any pictures of the inside, i have searched the 150 pages on the forum for pictures, and can only find a couple of the inside , the out side is being painted deep bronze green ,i have now completed some of the jib
  15. Not sure if this has been posted before but its good to watch
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