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  1. Hey guys, thanks so much for the info, especially the wiring diagrams.. ! I think I'm gonna either try to run wires from the front indicators or rig up some device to connect to my trailer socket.. I have found a guy who has done similar mods before but getting him to work on my truck is proving difficult at present but I'll keep you posted on the progress.. I have had a good look on STeel Soldiers site but as this is a truely European problem have not had much luck there.. TBH I only want to get it through its MOT and then I'd be quite happy running with the US setup.. i have
  2. Hi everyone, im in the process of rebuilding an M998 Humvee and getting to the stage where I'm ready for an MOT.. HOWEVER I need to do something with the rear lights as they are in American format ie indicators and brake lights are on same system.. I'm not particularly good with electrics.. So far everything is numbered and connects up with waterproof connectors and I'm reluctant to call any auto electrician who will start chopping into the loom! hopefully other people have dealt with this and any advice would be great fully received! thanks Dan.
  3. You can get a replacement part at Reomie in Holland..
  4. Hi There, Im Dan, my brother posts on here a fair bit but I cant remember his password so thought Id better get signed up myself! I think he has listed most of our vehicles but for the record here we go: M817 Dump 5ton M35a1 Deuce Bedford MJ Hiab Chevy M1009 Blazer Chevy M1008 Pickup Kaiser M715 GMC 352 CCKW Dodge Carryall Dodge Weaponscarrier Willys M38 MC x2 Willys MB Hotchkiss M201 THANKS..
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