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  1. Hi Kevin, as with everything that's very subjective depending on your point of view. The military vehicle celebrations in my opinion have always been bigger in Guernsey and well organised having been run as a cavalcade every year from 1983 by the local club. However, every five years we try and put on a bigger show and a large number of vehicles visit Guernsey from Jersey, the UK and Europe. Unfortunately in Guernsey it is restricted to Pre-1946 vehicles only for the big parades to fit in with the ear being celebrated, Jersey allow any vintage. This year did not go ahead due to Covid-19, but t
  2. Just a quick update on the Guernsey Tour, ** 2020 Liberation Tour Update ** We have received a overwhelming amount of enquiries for the 75th Liberation Celebrations Tour. At this time we are unable to accept any further Jeeps on the tour but if you have other vehicles and would like to book please get in contact.
  3. Dear Members, The Guernsey Military Vehicle Group (GMVG), held a meeting tonight and it was suggested that a post should be made on this forum to ensure vehicle owners wanting to attend the 75th Liberation Celebrations in Guernsey part of the British Iles Occupied by the Whermacht. Attached is the flyer to register your interest. We would love to see rare British or German vehicles on the tour. Thanks for your attention. Gsydingo
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