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  1. Out of curiosity, what paint type do you use Steve?
  2. Jeeps have always seemed too expensive for what they are :-) Moving on from the previous vehicle, I'm in touch with another guy who has one for sale. It seems a much better buy than the previous - but is a lot more money (surprise , surprise). However he freely admits that the vehicle eats a set of points and its condenser every year. What might be causing that, or is it something I can expect from being an owner?
  3. Thanks for the valued input gents, very much appreciated. I shall go over again your points and decide if I want to pursue it further. In fairness I am more after one that has been done, rather than needs doing from top to bottom. I don't have the health and the time to start again with a major project, so using your experience is a valuable resource. Thanks again.
  4. Hiya fellas, I'd appreciate any input from those 'in the know' regarding this jeep. They have been an unknown territory to me so would appreciate some honest opinions. Some pics and a video to be seen here. The bi tof research I've done shows it as having a replacement bonnet hinge and there appears to be some kind of gauge under the bonnet I didn't expect to see. So, over to you chaps. https://youtu.be/RjkRYZp2TuE
  5. I'm not sure about Bedfords, the bonnets look too long and the wrong shape. My feeling is they are US origin. There are also these further along the dock and one of them looks to be a Chevy
  6. A couple more that might help. Also visible in the first of these appears to be a couple of amphibious vehicles?
  7. Came across this grainy bit of a photograph showing trucks lined up on the dock in 194(7?). I'm thinking they might be Diamond T's but does anyone think differently?
  8. Penistone Armed Forces Day 24th June 2017 11am - 5pm. An open Invitation to all military vehicle owners to attend the above event, Sat 24th June. It is the main Armed Forces Day arena event for South Yorkshire, being supported by both Sheffield City Council and Barnsley MBC. Location - Penistone Showground, a rural Pennine market town setting, amidst some fantastic countryside. Any period of military vehicle is welcome and there is plenty of space available to accommodate even the largest. Appropriate period uniform is welcome – except NO Axis SS. Vehicle owners who are part of re-enactment groups who would like their group there to provide a fuller display please contact the organisers to discuss things. All periods are welcome, but please be correctly equipped and attired, and respectful in your representation. This is Armed Forces Day- not a ‘blat fest’. :-) Having said that, it is going to be a fun family day in order to raise funds for charity. Also in attendance, weather and everything else permitting, will be Parachutists, Marching Bands, Military Music, Royal Navy Field Gun Competition, Junior Assault Course, Vehicle Displays, Re-enactments, Demonstrations and a Police Dog Handling display. The Charity being supported in 2017 will be Combat Stress (Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society). Any vehicle owner attending MUST contact the event organiser at least two weeks before the event - there is no booking form. You need to be 'on the list' to gain entry. The usual show rule applies regarding having valid Third Party Insurance Cover. Please be prepared to have to show it. All vehicles to be on site, movement finished, by 10am, thanks. Contact 'penistone.armed.forces.day@gmail.com' (I'm just posting this for them, not part of the team)
  9. As ever on this forum, excellent helpful answers. I will pass the info on to the owner and I know he will be grateful for the input, thanks. I must confess to not having looked at the panel inside the lid and it does refer to Set No1 and Set No11. But the full description from Chris makes it much easier to follow. I will be passing all info and messages on to the owner on a daily basis. I can't speak for him as to whether it is up for sale, but I can't think it will be of use/interest to him so it may well be offered.
  10. I'm asking about this on behalf of a pal who has this, but who isn't on here. I don't suppose it is strictly 'radio' more 'telegraphy' but some of you guys who know about this stuff may be familiar with the units as it may have been used in conjunction with radio equipment? Label on the outside says 'Wireless Remote Control Unit A', which suggest 'radio'. Inside is a Morse tapper/buzzer, battery box , connectors for telephones etc etc. The assumption is it is a Unit that was used at an 'out' location but given its label could, if needed, be the master unit. Anyone any definite knowledge of typical usage please?
  11. The (fuller) info on the other site says '441 Battery, 124th Regt RA, F and E Troop Comanders Vehicles', maybe this has some bearing on the red/blue position? But thanks for the info, interesting stuff.
  12. I saw this posted on another forum, maybe someone on here might know the answer? What is the 24720 on the front mudguard all about? Its a RA troop commander vehicle if that might have any relevance.
  13. Worst one I've had was a whole wall full of racked NOS WW2 and early post-war parts in a workshop, still in their labelled primary standard packaging. It was a huge resource that many owners could have benefitted from. I was after some bits I knew they had but the yard owner wasn't selling. He 'was going to use them'. I left my number with him and said if ever he changed his mind I would be willing to buy the lot at his price, as long as it wasn't too stupid. He said ok and put my details on his notice board. I was back at the yard some months later to find the whole building had been emptied. I asked one of the employees where they had been moved to and was told they had all been sold to the melting pot. It was at the time the Chinese were buying all metal they could get. I went to see the boss in his office but found he was off the yard on business - but there on the wall was still my number and 'buy all old stock' written alongside! What an a***hole.
  14. That was one vehicle I wasn't familiar with, but having looked it up I agree with you. Well spotted.
  15. Wakefield, but I have been unable to immediately/readily find any references to which firms used the area in those years. But I may have been looking in the wrong places :-)
  16. Came across these while viewing aerial photos from just post-war so I'm guessing these are predominantly 'army surplus'. I would make a guess at someone selling them on rather than operating a fleet - but who knows. What do you reckon there is there apart from the 3 Diamond T's or similar and 6 DUKWs I think I can see. Sorry about the quality of the photos but these are the best I could get. Same yard, same day, different directions.
  17. Another photo from the photo collection of REME squaddie Ivan Baker. Unknown quantity to me but the badge looks like a Foden. Help.
  18. These in-service shots might be of interest? A few photos from the personal collection of Ivan Baker who served in REME in the mid-late 50's. Scammels are the connecting theme for these three. REME Unit line up river crossing I wonder if this one survived?
  19. These might be of passing interest to some on here. The photos are from the personal collection of an ex-REME squaddie whose unit was attached to the Yanks a couple of times a year by way of providing bridge building services. Apparently the Yanks had the weapon but didn't have the expertise to get it across a gap :-) Copyright is owned by Ivan Baker, posted here with permission for personal viewing.
  20. Sheffield Cathedral are staging an event to mark the anniversary of the start of the Sheffield Blitz on Saturday 12th December. The location is the Cathedral Forecourt. (The Blitz went from 12th to 15th Dec 1940) This follows a successful VE Day event earlier this year. They are particularly keen to attract appropriate vehicles such as NFS Units but are equally clear that any 'correct' UK based period vehicles will be welcome. Dressed for the occasion is welcomed but not obligatory. Contact for the event is Janet Ridler <Janet.Ridler@sheffield-cathedral.org.uk>
  21. Just seen this, apologies if it has already been posted , in which case please remove. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-33537724
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