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  1. It goes 10mph faster now 'cos of the new, slick, streamlined go-faster paint job. 🙂
  2. Wow, that was quick! Thanks very much for that Wally.
  3. I came across these photos online, the nearest to the camera (pic1) is a 30cwt ambulance body but the one furthest from the camera I am unable to locate a similar one online. I initially thought it was a Lorry, 3 ton, wireless but then noticed the obvious differences in construction and window style etc.. Any input please gents?
  4. I think Dawson's has now closed. I contacted them many years ago regardng buying M20 parts, knowing that they had stocked them, only to be told that just the previous week they had sold their entire stock. They were not at liberty to tell me who had bought them. Maybe it was Russell's?
  5. Bit late now, but Nitromors, or similar, would have worked.
  6. An acquaintence of mine was pulled a couple of years ago for wearing his DR helmet. He went through the 'grandfathers rights' stuff with the Officer but was left in no uncertain doubt that he was breaking the current law - and that as far as the Officer was concerned was the end of the matter, current law. However, he didn't give him a ticket, just told him to make sure he wasn't caught using it again. I make no stance on this at all, except that I would always follow every written law that is published LOL.
  7. My own take on this would be to fill them up with such as V-Power fuel. It has E5, so isnt ethanol free, but past seasons have not proved a problem for me. I would not drain/empty the tank as that just leaves a space which is begging to attract a damp atmosphere and cause rust issues.
  8. A quick online search also turned up these of some Polish ladies in Scotland. https://lamus-dworski.tumblr.com/post/126838146289/members-of-the-polish-auxiliary-territorial/amp So perhaps there was more around?
  9. I cannot help with any photos which show ATS girls with personal protection weapons who were DR's but can provide this photo of a member of 137th (Mixed) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, with a Sten gun, Belgium, 26 January 1944. So should it be the case that the ATS DR's were armed - they were not alone.
  10. I think there is a different reason for the S on the vehicle (unknown to me). The usual position for the Command group letter was on the driver's side of the cab.
  11. Just a question about the I.D ing of ROF factories. I took a look at the online list of ROF facilities and I have to assume it is not complete. I came across an ROF on a BfA photo that isn't on the list - Whitchurch, and I presume this is just one. I am not suggesting that the following had ROF status but who knows? (that is a genuine question) The only place name I have come across (so far) which has R and D in it which has war related work taking place there is Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. Which had a number of manufacturers of munitions, aircraft and tank components. I would think though that it would more likely be RC, or just R?
  12. Personally I don't see a problem with it but I realise 'where they are coming from' regarding bike thefts and everything that goes with it. The DVLA website states a receipt for the replacement engine written evidence from the manufacturer an inspection report provided for insurance purposes written confirmation on headed paper from a garage (if the change took place before you bought the vehicle)' So in effect you need the old receipt from ten years ago from when you bought the bike. I am guessing you might not have it? Perhaps you might be able to 'find' an old one? Even the handwritten one from the mate you bought it from might be enough, especially if it gives the frame number and engine number?
  13. Came across this on a F/B page, no idea as to its provenance but thought it might interest some of you guys, if only in comparison to the paint job done by Tomo!
  14. In times gone by he had some very good stuff at the right price. Sorry I cant help with any pics.
  15. The vehicle number would just be one of a series of RAF numbers such as on this (modern) photo.
  16. The number refers to the Group i.e. M/41 refers to Maintenance Group 41, Aircraft Group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Maintenance_Command
  17. B = bomber command, F = fighter command, M= maintenance command.
  18. Thanks for that fellas, I can see it now 🙂
  19. I can't seem to get my head/eyes around this photo of a Sherman. What is that arrangement to the right of the barrel?
  20. The bike looks like a Triumph TRW so is unlikely to be in service abroad before 1950.
  21. No Signals


    Hi Jiri You might, only might, get a quicker response if you post your query on the Motorcycle section. Best of luck.
  22. Am I correct in thinking that all A frames now need to have a braking facility fitted?
  23. A few more photos I have come across showing collections of MV's. In this case they are at the ROF Whitchurch, Cardiff. A very nice collection of Daimler(?) armoured cars, Dingo's and Universal Carriers all lined up awaiting disposal. I will let your hearts weep along with mine 🙂
  24. I don't think your analogy was lost on anyone, but I do think you would serve your purpose better on this forum by making your point, openly, in straight terms. As I said previously we will all be dead before the time you get to actually making some definitive, factual, traceable statements regarding your knowledge of these tanks. It could be that you do know some actual 'good stuff' but playing games with the guys on here is disrespectful to those whose potential backing it seems you are chasing. And if, as you say, you are not young in years you could easily take this complete knowledge to the grave with you today/ tomorrow/ sooner than you think. I will wait.
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