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  1. John G, You have no friends, just people who put up with you. :wave: John K
  2. Kevin, John Bizal @ Midwest Military did an awesome restoration on one. He might be able to help with parts too. http://www.midwestmil.com/
  3. Awesome post Harry, thanks for that great bit of history. Have an Amstel on me.
  4. Harry, Thanks for posting. Where was that track used and what was it used for?
  5. That's a beauty Adrian. Got any history on it? Ex IDF?
  6. Robin, Do you know a price or have any contact info? Thanks, John
  7. Great price. Any BV 202's for parts up there? John
  8. Hey Robin, You might check with these folks in Colorado first. http://www.safetyoneinc.com/safetyoneinc-cgi-bin/parts?action=search&&page=1 See page 5. Doing it yourself could get expensive real quick. John
  9. Here's the photos that were found by another gentleman. It seems that Dillengen was captured by the 12th AD on 24 Apr 1945 There's no doubting that's an M5A1 or M9A1 with American troops. berna2vm...... Those three ( Diamond T, White and Autocar) are sometimes commonly referred to as "White style" half tracks. Which is best? I'm biased..... I like IH.:-D Seriously they are all good and very close in performance. Different armor types of which both had flaws. In modern times the White type is probably better due to more spare parts availabilty and easier rear armor to replicate. I live in farm country and IH is popular here so my track is a celebrity. I'll post more pics tomorrow gotta go plow more snow.
  10. Yes, can't recall exactly where at the moment. Southwest US I believe, will check. I did find some that show the IH in U.S. service ETO with the 12th Armored. The "Harvester Battalion" took them over. These guys were recruited out of IH and brought them with. That was a major find. Always believed to be used only for training here and stricktly Lend-Lease "over there." centi521, thanks for posting. Very nice M-5. Here's some more. These are so fun to look at. You can see this ones 8th Armored.
  11. :laugh: That's good too. I have a '46? TD-6. Was thinking of making an armored cab for it some day and giving it a SeaBee paint job.
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