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  1. We might not be Degsy but just remind her of babycham drinks one Christmas and watch her face Cube-in-law Rosiesdad
  2. Degsy & Tony B you both are just scared of her Cube-in-law Rosiesdad
  3. Remember Tony B & Degsy that's my little girl your talking about think someone has to look after her welfare Cube-in-law Rosiesdad
  4. Hi Rosie, Thanks for that now getting in the mood see you soon Dad
  5. Hi R Cubed will leave here about 14.30 ish estimate eta 17.30 arrival will you have beeb feed and watered or will we need to fend for ourselves Wednesday evening, looking forward o the weekend it's been a long time in coming see you Wednesday Cube-in-law
  6. Cube OMG Richard how will I recognise you at overlord/A & E, don't think you had hair that short when you first came on the scene in 1981/2 ws it, you look smart Cube-in-law
  7. Oh boy Rosie what have you started, was not your white hat, wine glass, large tent, heater, and draining board not enough of a label for you, as David said go for it Rosie Cube-in-law
  8. Rosie Lets hope it's not raining or cold, otherwise you will be swamped with offers to keep you dry and warm, has Degsy got a pacemaker, Cube-in-law
  9. Rosie, Think what you are doing you will be responsible for putting some of your fellow HMV collegues in hospital with blood pressure, not to mention the possibility of MI's at the event, that's apart from your father being present, after seeing the shoe's just wonder what you have in mind :laugh::laugh: Cube-in-law:laugh::laugh:
  10. Rosie you are going to have to wait like the rest of us, anyway you have enough to deal with, at A & E meeting the new people like Templepan saying he is looking forward the meeting the legend "Rosie" might have to look after my little girl
  11. Hi Jack Thanks for sorting out the discount from SoF got my new kit yesterday with the discount, under 16 weeks now beginning to get excited now:cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2::-D:-D:-D:-D:-D Cubin-in-law
  12. Just had email from SoF and they are still in the process of up dating there web site, alittle email to sales at sofmilitary.co.uk quoting the discount code seems to work well it has with me!!!!!!!!!! go for it Rosie.:cheesy::cheesy::cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:
  13. Hello Jack, It's Cube-in-law here can you e mail me code for SOF on my contact of so I can update my outfit, can't wait to see the show and sites of the vehicles driving along the lanes, see you in June Ron Cube-in-law
  14. Hello Rosie, I can be on stand by with tweezers but would anyone be brave enough to get that close too your rear and could also put your neck back in place, for what it's worth I think it would be better to stay on site with all those vehicles on the site, and some would have to drive so would be unable to drink, so beer tent on site would be better. Cube-in-law
  15. Yes Rosie I realised that you had already met Degsy and that he was having trouble putting wine to face at different locations then realising that you where the same person, and as you so eloquently put it "he's trying to get me drunk", do I need to say any more?
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