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  1. all the pallet companies UK can offer reciprocal services through out Europe one I recommend is Palletforce at a guess door to door 48 hrs 1 tonne pallet standard Belgium £55 but check first pallet dearest
  2. many year ago I visited a company in leeds called wybeck recovery and they had one in their yard although they stressed it was not theirs
  3. keeps its owner happy that's all that matters
  4. like to think I could look that good when I am knocking on a hundred
  5. Not completely au fait with the set up but if you jack up one side all wheels and turn one wheel do they all go same way yes then every thing ok. if you jack up all wheels up and put transmission in gear and turn a wheel and all wheels go the same way and all wheels on opposite side go the other then every thing ok. After that if you have not got 2 oks I am bollaxed I genuinely believe you are confusing your self by looking to deep.
  6. best of luck in you current project hope your 35 year old foden borrowed 20 ton low loader and 7.5 ton spec lift live up to your expectations my word I will comment no more but if you happen to get stuck there are people you can ring for advise and I don't mean my self. but people with 50 or more years experience
  7. Reason I say for commercial is there are all sorts of rules and regs relating to cars
  8. our painter has said this to me before Simply take of a panel or something like and take it to a commercial paint supplier and they will match it for you mixing up small or large quantities at reasonable rates tell them its for a commercial vehicle .
  9. what we don't want at end of day but its more common than you would imagine
  10. is there any chance you can ever put the bit that's missing on the back back on
  11. if it sits directly on chassis you could have problems with gear change also
  12. the biggest problem with the club insurance type people is when you need them most you are dealing with call handlers who have set questions to ask when dealing with your call no knowledge whats so ever of your situation or the vehicle they are being asked to deal with. My advise if you want to go it alone is to ring up a recovery operator who has knowledge of military vehicles and ask what its liable to cost to go home get pulled of motorway etc and set up a cash account. Bear in mind it don't have to be in their area they have the contacts. then in your moment of dire need give them a ring. One such type has been mentioned many others are available stay clear of those that waffle on. Little tip take note and see which private operators are actually towing currently serving Mod vehicles about or doing recoveries for the Mod very few are done by the Mod anymore
  13. cranes have a subframe usually easily deep enough to clear that
  14. For information only Apart from Autohome there are manyclubs offering breakdown and recovery services for larger vehicles. Some aresubscription and some are pay for use. As far as I am aware none of thesecompanies have any vehicles of their own. All rely on a data base of recoveryvehicle operators who they call out. These recovery operators have inter traderates that they will work for. Any of these operators will if contacted bewilling to quote at set rates for any job anywhere in the country. What I was suggestingis rather than setting up a new club service merely get your name on the database offering the unique services you can provide. Also means at a stroke youcan provide recovery at competitive rates anywhere not just locally. As anexample today we have had two jobs one was airlines in greater London the otherwas a sat nav job in county Durham we took both on and sorted within 1.5 hrs atcompetitive rates everyone happy
  15. Hi I think if you are thinking of offering a recovery service you going to have to do better than that reply to get a good take up. the question was can you recover an 8 wheel drops with a load on its back yes or no My reply would be of course sir where do you want it
  16. I am fascinated but who but military would need them they look new let us know when you have answer
  17. just a quick one I think but not 100 per sure A long is agent for auto home what ever all the original poster is trying to achieve is all ready in place if they take you on they will find some one who can do job. So rather than start new club offer to those clubs services that exist an extension to there services eg obsolete tyre sizes chance of unobtainable spares/ or even if they want to be dragged up the motorway on a pole at 35mph
  18. so I guess you are saying con man or am I reading this wrong best way to say something is to come out with it hate people who suggest things and say nothing
  19. No if there is an old tunnel down there chances are 100% there is some thing in it if only track. The thing you have to ask is there a tunnel
  20. the lock wire holes make the fittings look like aircraft types although never having worked on aircraft I cant be sure. Martian power steering pump had similar fittings and sure that pump was areo industry
  21. Agree with Tony B the power of suggestion gets people going like nothing else on earth and its fuelled by those who want to believe. I just hope the aircraft museum don't throw a rake of money in looking for a rare aircraft that was giving covering fire while guarding it when it disappeared. War or not how the hell can you lose a train
  22. Quite correct yes there are exemptions BUT none are any use or apply to the bulk of the readers on this forum. There is certainly none that would allow civilians to attend meetings etc. The fact it is registered does not automatically mean it is legal to ride about in it. This thread has about been done to death. Read all the other threads on the subject
  23. Rides of in to the distance smirk on his face confident he has made the right decision. At least the recent poster with a Foden drops made up a good story about it not being for him As for filling in the V55 its just like being back at school doing an exam answer those you know leave the rest blank Oh and don't forget to put your name on it that's 10 extra marks plus they know who to screw when it all cocks up for giving false information
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