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  1. if all else fails back in at right angles to the mast with a tractor pull it with a chain hung high on the mast and tip it sideways dont worry you wont tip it over its CG is very low pack and make good terrain Let us know how you go on
  2. Looking at pictures virtually any tele handler woulds sort that out working a right angle to rear towing eye. Personal it would i suspect weigh more than 5 ton near 7.5 . But i dont know. what ever all is not lossed if all fails a medium sized tractor with rear lift arms and a decent chain with with shorten claw a bit at a time would turn it through 90 ndegrees then it just a straight forward pull. Ps my estimate on weight is based on a three. five ton hyster we ran over a weigh bridge and weighed 7.3 tons another tip i was given many many years ago was you will never raise a vehicle by digging a hole to put ii in
  3. thats how its work for as long as i remember red supplies air to release brakes yellow supplies signals to tell brakes what to do
  4. paulob1 was starting one dont know if it got anywhere
  5. gear box standard pto aperture but what vehicle dont know not austin K9
  6. What i am trying to get over is there is no victimization going on no need for paranoia common sense will win in the end who ever it was turned out to be a total jerk despite his expert advice
  7. I think the contention in this post is caused by the title " Fined for driving 25mph on an A roads "They were not. They were fined for careless driving with out due care and consideration to other road users and quite rightly so i think. People also think this is a new thing i can think of at least 3 other occasions when prosecutions have been brought under similar legislation local to were i live. One i know of very well was an old couple who used to live on the farm where i now live. Every sat morning they would go into the local town a distance of 12 miles shopping they never used to get out of fast tick over in 2nd gear in a ford classic. At that time the A63 was the main trunk road and it used to cause mayhem. After being stopped advised and cautioned many times the case was sent to Beverly magistrates who imposed an endorsement and 21s fine. This was enough to convince them they were now too old and past it to run the small holding and they retired.
  8. Despite what all may think they are not British yet nor likely to be for at least another 2 years. How long after that it takes for officialdom to turn back the clock rules regs i dread to think.
  9. any truck spring maker will knock them up for you.
  10. i have from been told from a friend of a friend that knows some one that heard a farmer has found a chain link and a scrap of aluminium buried in the hillside above the tunnel. They have come to a deal with RAF Cosford for an undisclosed amount to unearth the last ever dornier 17 that was escorting the train. Rumour has it it is in perfect condition but the paper work is not up to date so it will not be flying in the near future
  11. know nothing what so ever about the the set up but how about a return to earth or negative
  12. hi welcome to site I am always happy to see trucks getting used for purpose. No doubt they are having a hard life some pictures would be great
  13. quick lock on ebay shows a few low loaders under £3000 Renault premiums around same price 24 ton tank plus trailer + unit well under 44ton no need for STO
  14. if you are simply trying to avoid MOT Plating and test to ride about going to shows No there is no way you can do it. Full stop but I suspect you already knew that And as somebody has said why would you not want to subject it to a ministry test if it was in good order
  15. later on the mini morris 1000 etc where fitted with nylon 1/8 tube simply pushed into rubber tube. I know not original but would get you up and running to be honest I would not have thought brass tube would have melted on manifold
  16. 12 to 15 years ago all john deer agricultural machinery came in to Hull docks every mechanically propelled one had a fitting kit and beacon marked Hella supplied with it sat in boxes in cab the pole was tie wrapped to link arms on tractors
  17. and did they give a reasonable explanation of how the registered an over width vehicle insured etc. for road use
  18. and when you have done that and over width please tell us all what reason you have for been over width as a civilian
  19. no doubt bio friendly in the middle of a battle field and approved by BEA systems to get the absolute best deal for HMG
  20. Just got cast note for a Foden. Info 35KE50 8FD coy Para. Any body able to add this or better still any working photos
  21. Just got my sister who lives in Florida to type in Blue BS381c paint she has said there are loads of option available in the US apparently Walmart can do it in cans by request
  22. when the m62 motorway was been built in our part of the world we had two Swedish guys who lodged in my parents pub. They were doing piling for a Swedish company called Balken piling. When there company had quoted for the job from british engineers all measurements had been in mm. they arrived here and asked for the measurements in feet and inches as that is was then used in Sweden. Things were not going right for these guys and we all sat down with these guys to see if we could help. we got out our 16 ft retractable tape measures along side theirs and spot on same as theirs. Then some one spotted they only had ten inches to the foot Feet were spot on True I swear
  23. the holmes cranes fitted as wreckers during ww11 where built and designed in the US with imperial structural work steel sizes. but all bearings and shaft sizes/ gears are to metric sizes
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