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  1. That's a really nice job!!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hello Everyone, I have seen them from time to time in military surplus stores. The ones I have seen were called talkers helmets and have been painted gray, kind of a battleship gray. I'm sure you could find one if you look in the right place. Terry
  3. Hello, If you know what area of Houston you're moving to find the chamber of commerce for that area. Maybe your company could help you with that information. But the chamber of commerce will be able to help you with tax information, real estate, uitilites such as gas, elecrticity, phone and so on. I live in Pennslyvania and our taxes are based on house value and school district. It maybe different down there though. But I thought the chamber of commerce would be able to answer some of your questions. Good Luck, Terry
  4. Thanks for the pics, they're both Great the IH and the White. I have seen a few half tracks around at different shows and have enjoyed looking at them. You guys have done a really nice job with yours!
  5. Welcome Captain Crank, Sounds like you have a very nice collection. Hope to see a few photos of your collection. Which Hamburg are you from in USA? Williamsport, PA here.
  6. Thanks for posting the video, very interesting. Note all the high quality machining work.
  7. Hello All, I stumbled upon your forum, while doing a search on the where abouts of the Tiger 1 Tanks that use to be at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, in Maryland, USA. It looks pretty awesome and I think I will enjoy it very much. I have always been a military history buff, visiting museum, shows and model building. I look forward to reading and responding to the posts. Thanks for having me, Tazhunter44, Terry
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