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  1. interesting crane ,is it for vehicle recovery or does it have another purpose ?
  2. thanks mate put my mind at rest and saved me a shed load of unnessacery work
  3. FELT AXLE RINGS / SEALS i was underneath lighining at the weekend and noticed 1 of the 3 felt rings as the manual calls them on theaxle/ walking beam is almost fallen off the jubilee clip has rusted out and left the felt hanging down in a big loop the oil levels are ok and no leaks from that area so how important is this felt ,is it just a dust seal ? im assumeing it should be a complet circle so is there a quick fix or am i takeing the beams of this weekend ? thanks in advance andy
  4. a warm welcombe over in wells we have had a light covering of snow since lunch time
  5. thanks i can see me trying this at some point although im told kitchen not an option
  6. so if ive got this right, do you connect the neg to the rusty item and the live to a lump of scrap steel imerse it all but make sure the pos and item to be cleaned dont toutch ? i have chargers of differing voltages any one better than another one
  7. it seems then im about to join you in the sergeants mess then
  8. not me ive never looked at it but from what i hear its not for me
  9. leyland martian its been there or there abouts 15 or so years or more i think it belonged to hamiltons who used to pull wreckes of the m5 and used to not like visitors thinking it was a breakers yard they now sell second hand landrovers from the site last i heard it was not for sale but that was some time ago
  10. for what its worth i paid somewhat less than that for my mk 1 explorer and had a selection of hard to find spares 2 years ago i know a few scammell men thought id over paid but i was happy with my purchase it seems 10000 or so seems to be the current asking price for 1 needing little or no work having said that 1 year ago i heard of a pair of mk 2s for 2000 but there was only enough bits between the 2 to make 1 good 1 if you had the time as for pioneers i cant comment other than i know for 1 locally that had a sort of showmans body on it and many original bits removed a runner when parked up 15 years ago and £2000 was rejected by the owner 18 months ago if you are thinking of buying either id say make sure you know the differences between them both and see whitch meets your needs
  11. richard , it it clearly stencilled on the crate b60/58 robin i have sent you a mail but have no record of sending it here or in outlook express so if you dont receive it please try mailing me thanks andy
  12. email sent robin UOTE=robin craig;286048]VERY SeriouslyInterested in b60, please email me. R
  13. can i ask your help to identify 2 crated rolls royce ?? engines both petrol 1 is a 6 cyl petrol marked l/v10/fo/b60/58 2 is a 8 cyl petrol marked l/v 10b80wh?zp or maybe 2p pt no eu/1380/2 ser no 3880 they both have paperework to sugest they are both either new or rebuilt we are curious to know what vehicles they may have been used in as its possable they may be offered for sale shoud they be of use to anybody thanks andy
  14. im currently having great sucess with a hot air gun on nato green paint ,have you tried one and nitro moors didnt toutch it i would be careful useing anything to strong on ally
  15. i seem to recall a possable thats possable loophole if the load is permanatly fixed to the trailer ie by welding not just say warrick strainers it becomes part of the trailer not a load imposed upon it anyone able to comment on that ?
  16. if its over 2.55m wide it is outside current c&u regs so cant be tested you may only tow a large indivisable load (tank?) or run empty
  17. bob yes you are right pcb is very very bad if we find it at levels of 2 parts per million it has to be distroyed at a furnice at at least 2000 c so dont use unless you know the source it is not how long its been in use it is the date it was first used as at some point it was used when no one knew the effects of pcb andy
  18. good man im showing mrs 7377 your pics to prove im not the only one to store vehicle parts in the kitchen ( and dining room ,on the stairs ,and the boot of her car and the utility room ) sorry to read of your troubles and good luck with the project andy
  19. im told but have never tried it central heating oil (50-50) and electricity sub station transformer oil also 50-50 with diesel
  20. from memory i dont think its too far away but at the end of the day its yours paint it how you want too you will always getsomone tell you its wrong
  21. true , but if you want 2 more take the shaft out drill a hole in the center bothends about 35 mm deep tap a thread in to take a greass nipple and cross drill at right angles and you will always have grease on the bearing area
  22. if its anything like mine you will need some acytlene ?? i had to get both ends bright red then it only just moved i eventualy removed the handbrake lever and the little lever the other end and drove the shaft out i then ground down the bearing surface area a little with a grinder so it was a loose fit and aplied plenty of grease -- job done best of luck andy
  23. thank you both for replying but what is the lazy D ?
  24. ive found out my explorer was with y sqn queens own yomanry fulford rd york and left them in jan 1989 and id like to put the correct markings back on this winter as im replacing many of the rotton cab panels and should it also have reme markings im told 41 command workshop is also at fulford road might it have been owned by both of them or just operated by reme on behalf of qoy many thanks andy
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