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  1. Hello... Just joined HMVF as I have just become the proud owner of a 1959 Simca Marmon SUMB. It arrives tomorrow on the back of a recovery wagon. Don't know much about it yet, other than the air brakes aren't working properly. I've been reading your thread of a few years ago about air brakes. My motor has exactly the same symptoms: Pleanty of air pressure, the guage reads 10Bar, but rock hard pedal and no braking action until you push through the hard pedal and stand on it, then the brakes bite hard!... I suspect the air pack seals.

    Did you solve your air brakes problem?

    Any advice would be very gratefully received.:thumbsup:

    MUDMAX Mike - Solihull, West Midlands. 

  2. Hi Iain, This is all looking very promising - I did have an interesting conversation with the manufacturer about materials, they offer EPDM as standard and I questioned the compatibility of this with Mineral and DOT grade fluids. What he seems to be saying is that EPDM is compatible for use with mineral or DOT grade (see update below) fluids but you need to be careful about how you apply them. You can for example replace just the master cylinder seal or the Air-Pack seals (or both) but you shouldn't do only one wheel cylinder on an axle to avoid potentially unequal braking forces due to th
  3. Hi Iain, At last!! .. a positive update on the brake seals I'm glad to report. I spoke to a UK seal manufacturer today who say they do a lot of one-off's and small batches. For a small seal such as the ones we require, they were talking about £7.50 each with a 7 to 10 day turnaround. These are made to order and they prefer to have the assembly as well as the old seal to which the seal is fitted to determine the proper sizing - sounds as though they know what they are doing ! The plan is to send them the key bits of the Air-Pack, a master cylinder and a wheel cylinder to see what they c
  4. Hi Iain, Thank's for your thoughts - the system seems to operate correctly in all other ways (building up pressure from cold, red light going out, pressure release as pressure exceeds max allowed etc.) The problem I have is that on the first push on the the brake pedal, it feels fairly progressive but very solid (it needs a fair bit of foot pressure to fully depress), on every subsequent stroke, the pedal is almost impossible to press and hence takes an age to get to the point where the brakes start to apply - obviously not good. Having replaced the Air Pack for a take out (with no improvemen
  5. Oops - wrong category !! Hi y'all, I bought a SUMB a year or so ago but haven't been able to enjoy it due to problems with the brakes. It's a problem inherited from the previous owner who assured me that the brakes were in good order (yeah right!!). As some of you may know, the SUMB uses an Air over Hydraulic system employing a French made Bendix Air Pack (not dissimilar to the one used on the Stalwart as it happens), this if fed compressed air via an engine driven compressor and storage tanks. The system provides hydraulic non-assisted braking in an emergency & since I have to vir
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