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  1. http://www.southcumbrianorthlancsmvt.org.uk
  2. Didn't buy my 51 from Kjell but met him a couple of times & he is a nice bloke... Lloyd got a good 'un from him.
  3. Hornby Castle The Hornby Castle event will be held on 10th and 11th June 2006, at Hornby Castle, just north of Lancaster. This year along with the normal attractions of a beer tent and military vehicles, there will be greater access to the castle, two runs (one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday), and a dance on Saturday night with a a live Swing Band. Contact by e-mail, HornbyATsouthcumbrianorthlancsmvt.org.uk for further details. http://www.southcumbrianorthlancsmvt.org.uk/
  4. Bodge Deep


    Can't drive it to work but I'll take it out in the evening for a run
  5. I'm with Mark, I prefer them too. A lot less to go wrong (in a kind of 1am stumble drunk into them style !!) and I think more comfortable
  6. I think it was only the WC55 that had the 37mm gun and then had them removed later to revert back to WC52's (or closest equivalent, that being the 3/4 ton pick up with winch). The 55's were reinforced round the body & chassis to cope with recoil of the 37mm leaping around in the back of it! I don't think the Norwegian army took any 55's complete with guns as they were stripped of them by the US army as far as i know well before the end of the war. I know of only one 55 with its gun (& i think that has been re-made). Lloyd who is on here occasionally had a lovey 55 but don't mention it you'll make 'im go all bleary eyed :wink:
  7. I'm not sure yet :? my mate who is a metal fabricator built the mount from drawings off Jeep Drawer site for me... I'll let you know. We did think about making a batch of them.
  8. Sawdust/woodchippings in a bin liner (to keep out damp & stop smells!) in the sandbag gives them enough weight to stack & build & sag convincingly without the achy-breaky back!
  9. I've just had an M25 mount made for my WC51 for my 30cal to go on still got to fit it yet though...
  10. Reminded of 'Castaway' with Tom Hanks - Ice Skate & Rock anyone?
  11. Bar treads (on a WC) are bloody awful off road and on road in the wet! I went the other way and took off bar treads (old ones with about 50% tread) and put on cloverleafs. Not that i do a lot of off-roading in my WC51 but the difference is remarkable. Bar treads have very little lateral grip not so good on heavy cumbersome vehicles, (not to mention the difference in price £500 for a dodge). My mates WC51 can get stuck in about 4 inches of wet mud in 4x4 on BT'ds whereas I've had mine up over the tops of the hubs in the muck and it just keeps going. Bar treads, like dinosaurs, had their time in the tyre evolution and were replaced with better gripping, longer lasting, safer treads. Just cause you can get them, doesn't necessarily mean you should put them on. You wouldn't put soft compound slick tyres on your E type just cause you could get them... well y'could but you'd be in the ditch 200 yards up the road!! Still, whilst everyone is slinging out their 900x16 cloverleafs I'll have 'em! I voted no BTW just in case you hadn't guessed :wink:
  12. I got it & pm'd you but you may not have got it! couldn't get through on yer email (kept bouncing back for some reason) Might be able to get the apir of 'em.
  13. Nice one Jack 8) Did you get sorted for headlights BTW
  14. We (our MVT group) visited The USAAF Burtonwood Museum before it closed (& moved). They had the top gun turret from the prop Belle that had been found (according to the museum) in a scrap yard!!
  15. Nice truck I know where there's one rotting, abandonned that may be good for spares. I'll take a look in the next few days se if its still there. It was a crash wreck tender. Not many built but pretty much beyond redemption.
  16. As far as i know (could well be wrong) one of the original purposes of the WC was as a high mobilility artillery platform (the WC55's gun truck being the 1st incarnation). But by the time they'd gone into production they were dropped as an idea & the 55's stripped of their guns and returned to what we now recognise as 51's & 52's (Lloyd?). The WC is, as with DUKW's etc a ref to year of comission, wheelbase, weight etc... its predecessor being the Dodge VC series. They are named as Weapon(s) Carrier on both the build cards (filled on production line) and data plates so i would guess that the name originated with the vehicle. WC - Weapons Carrier being a convenient 'handle' for the pickups, WC for the rest (after all a weapons carrier ambulance... :? Hope this helps
  17. Hello Thought I'd join in the fun! Up in the frozen north (Cumbria) Enjoying the snow! Gonna get me Dodge out ('44 WC51) and blast around in a Bastogne Styleee! Mmmmm chilly :roll: TTFN
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