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  1. Thanks once again Ron, As for the year, well I'm open to suggestion as I have no idea where they served, I would imagine it would be in small towns or maybe airfields. A PDF of the appropriate information would be fantasti ... nick.modeller@btopenworld.com ... I have broadband so large pics won't be a problem. Nick.
  2. Hello Ron and thank you and apologies for the late reply, that's just what I wanted. The kit I shall be using is the old Esci 1/9 Kubel type 82, obviously I need to check what modifications I need to make to the kit to build an accurate replica. As to representing a particular year for the model, that will depend on where the vehicle was used. So now I need to find a type 198 manuel. I would also like to get the colour scheme and markings correct.
  3. I'm looking for an instruction sheet for the above kit, can anyone help please? Nick.
  4. I'm looking for reference material for the Kubelwagen type 82 being used for firefighting, I believe that there was an adaptor for the engine to power a vehicle mounted fire pump, any information gratefully received.
  5. Thanks Mark, GYR 786 could be an interesting model to build. I'll have to do a bit of research and see what I can turn up on the old girl. Nick.
  6. Many thanks for your posts chaps. I've not been on here for a while so I'm slowly catching up.
  7. Thank folks, I guessed that was how the warning triangle was used but it's good to have confirmation. I'm building a 1/24 model of a 3 Ton Opel Blitz and this will shortly be finished, having the 'Warndreieck' in the lowered position. Once again, many thanks and I'll post a photograph of the model once it's finished. Nick.
  8. Interesting half track, are there any more views of it? Nick.
  9. Looking at several pictures of wartime Opel Blitz trucks, there is a forward pointing warning tringle mounted on the cab roof. Am I correct in assuming that this triangle would be raised if a trailer was being towed by that vehicle and would be lowered if the vehicle was operating without a trailer? Also, is there a name for the warning triangle? Nick.
  10. Many thanks Ted. Do you think it would be possible to find any documentation, especially drawings of how the vehicle would have looked and how the equipment would have been stowed, especially the Co2 equipment. Nick.
  11. Can anyone help with photographs of the WWII version of the Austin K6 Co2 fire tender? Also requested is an equipment list for the vehicle. Nick.
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