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  1. 1. How to post photos on my profile, please? 2. How to post on the forum, please? Thanks, folks Berliet
  2. HI. Thank you. I'll try to post pictures, if I can find out how.
  3. Thank you! If I can fathom out how to use this (to me) incredibly confusing site, I'll post some pictures.
  4. Hi folks! I,ve always been interested in vehicles, starting with driving old motorbikes around my friend's farm when I was 14 years old. When we were 16 we were driving an old 4x4 army truck around the same farm. In 2004 I bought a Unimog 416 long wheelbase tipper, which I still have, and use for treework. In 2007 I bought a Berliet GBU15 French military truck, and in October 2014 I added a DAF YA328 artillery tractor complete with Sentinel 2 tonne drawbar trailer. I've always had a Land-Rover, my current one being a 1949 80" Series one which I have had for rather a long time! :-)
  5. I have a Berliet GBU15, a Unimog long wheelbase 416, a 1949 80" Land-Rover, and I am hoping to collect my latest acquisition soon, a DAF 328. I have been taking these vehicles to steam rallies, although I use the Unimog quite often for treework. Occasionally I use the Berliet and the Land-Rover for winching, as well as the Unimog.
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