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  1. :-D let me know what you have and I will send a wish list thanks :-D
  2. :-D there was one in a shed at the side of a house at San carlos Falklands in 82 it didnt look to good at the time and seemed to be ex comando couldnt get to good a look at the time. :whistle: and on the way to Stanly there was a 15cwt in the middle of nowhere that didnt look that bad.
  3. :whistle: Funny that I didnt notice they forgot to mention the name I just looked again and its not there! :computerterror: Well it was in the Sun
  4. Found this on the bottem of a copy of The Sun :schocked: "The surviving Battle of Britain Veterans have produced a fantastic and moving book about their epic few months but cannot find many buyers because they can`t afford advertising. it`s a terrific bargain at only £7 including p&pand you can get yours from The Battle of Britain Historical Society, Gunthorpe NR24 2NS ". Dont know what its like but sounds like a worthy cause for a few quid. :-D
  5. Another David in Essex but how do I get my name down? :whistle:
  6. :-D have to know the final cost but put me down :evil: just dont tell she who must be obayed
  7. :police: :schocked: This morning I discoverd that I had a squater in my truck I threw him out using my best job voice and as he left he mutterd a few not polite threats. So the Question is whats the strangest thing you have found in your vehicle?
  8. :whistle: The trucks a morris C8 fat and all the good names were gone
  9. THE WAY WE ARE GOING THE SWISS NAVY WILL BE BIGGER sorry for shouting :dunno:
  10. :-) Austin K2 ambulance and Bedford on Milweb :-o Oh how I wish I had the room to do it :?i
  11. :-) Hi Rick I think it is a dark bottle green or black for the morris original collour engine :beer: of all the ones we have worked on only one was sky blue
  12. Just seen this at the bottom of todays london paper. SOLE VETERAN OF TWO WORLD WARS DIES The last remaining Briton to have served in both the First and Second World Wars has died aged 106. Captain Kenneth Cummins of Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire,hailed today as an "icon", served in the Royal Navy in the First World War and later in the Merchant Navy.
  13. :? yep thats him a jolly nice bloke I recomend them :clap: and at a fraction of the originals it wont matter if you get them dirty 34
  14. :-D have you tried groucho books No 101/ml1b 1133 this is almost an exact copy of the original they also do the drivers hand book I can get you pages if you let me know what your after 34
  15. shirt sleave order was taken out after a year or two burns and wounds from glass brick bits so it was shirts rolled down and lightweights went out for the same reason they melted on you soon it was combats all day every day . :roll:
  16. :? Please help A quick note - I have heard today that the former airfield at Tangmere is once again threatened by housing development. We have a special connection to this place - you may remember this was the venue for our 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain event in 2000. The site is up for sale and plans are in place to demolish all that remains of the iconic airfield site. This is such an atmospheric place and full of the spirit of 1940 still. PLEASE help save what we can - this airfield contributed significantly to the Battle of Britain. The main building threatened is the Sector Operations Room scheduled for demolition in 2007!! We need to act now. The Air Historical Branch states that this building (previously located at Northolt) is the best "preserved and sole surviving Sector Ops Block of the modified 1924 Watch Office design remaining in RAF hands". The building was occupied for most of the Battle of Britain and was visited by King George and Churchill. To help save the building please eMail dcplanning@chichester.gov.uk or write to MoDEL intergrated Project Team, C/O RAF Bortholt, Westend Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 6NG and state your reasons why we need to save this building for future generations. PLEASE ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. CAN YOU PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE IN YOUR NETWORK OR GROUP WHO MAY BE ABLE TO HELP. Thanks () Bryan & Louise
  17. :-) under cover heated lelectric storage near me :evil:
  18. there was an old snowcat at san-carlos landing stage by a housesit was a commando one it is probably still there we were issued BV202s to do re supply the Rapier kit spares were left at assention island to make way for more important gear? I can remember it was the worst winter the rememberd
  19. the points have the same DKH.4A number gap .010"I cant find the condenser number But http://www.classicheads.com doan electronic ignition conversion for it to totaly replace points and condenserand they can supply a coil for it . There is a linked site on another forum page about them. :-) David
  20. :-D normal car licence is fine I have the grandad licence so I can tow the full set limber is the brake system for the gun you will have to learn to double the clutch or learn how to change-rebuild gear boxes try our site http://www.thegarrison.org.uk/
  21. :banana: Hello I have a quad mk 3 number 5 body and have most copys of the official books workshop etc any info I can help with let me know David :-D
  22. :-othats why i sent the link so much easyer(is that even a word?) David
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