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  1. :whistle: just to sticka point in the C8 A/T was built as a portee for the 2pdr it was then converted to tow the 17 pdr in the air-portable role there was a good link on maple leaf up about this and a C8FAT No 5 body air portable
  2. :-D What idiot sent you that list? I know I will regret this but its just I have spent too much this month then this comes up on E-Bay Item130110902741 I rememberd you were after one :-D
  3. :whistle:I was on the 25pdr but its not one of snappers best :whistle:
  4. :-D East Tilbury just drive down the A13 at Stanford Le Hope junction turn off and head for Linford. It should be sign posted from there go past East Tilbury station and its at the end of the hill.
  5. :? Nice thought but how would I get all the spares back and do you know my bank manager? :oops2:
  6. :? how was the 25pdr mounted and where? and dose he think the 120s in the field were decoys and the batterys were firing Thanks
  7. :-D hire a truck and meet us at that show we wont tell him and you can sell direct :whistle:
  8. ;-) Nothing about RAPIER was brand new even the spares were over 10 years old NOS they were IRR green with a broad band of black up and over the C/S 21A-C 31A-C was was about 1foot high 1 1/2 inch wide on both sides of the top of the radome in black on green green on black mud was the brown colour and hessian /scrim netting was used to cover the lower sections the DN181(muppet) blindfire was plain green but were not very effective as most of the black boxes were still on assencion isle having been off loaded to make room for more important gear ?and the initial deployment was to protect the landing troops not the ships in san-carlos waters re-deployments were by helo. Im looking for my photos but they are poor quality be warned
  9. :computerterror: I still cant get a reply. By the way im just waiting for a couple of big envelopes to send the photo-copys chaps
  10. :whistle: Sorry one of those blond moments last night it`s IRR green but could you p/m me as i cant send out at the moment Ta :-D
  11. :-D hi can you pp me thanks FFR green with hession brown and green some were coverd with a splinter like brown light stone mud finnish on deloyment
  12. Ok just send your address and i will post them off :-D
  13. :bow: Shes 64 im 49 and she can still out run me :-D
  14. :-D your right john but a question for you when did they start using the transfer type? ha :whistle: before you ask I dont know :-D
  15. I have a c8/at spare parts manual that i have made copys off please let me know if you require a copy you will have to make ithe pages up yourselfs David :-D
  16. :? If my memory serves me well I remember it was on the moldings of a cinima in colchester always wonderd about that till I went out to the far :roll: east.
  17. If they are for the nuffield 4 then they may be the same as he was selling hence the 1949 date the holes were bigger but with a good seal make no difference But if you are stuck I may have one spare :-D
  18. :? thats why my speedo wont work any hints on getting that sorted without days and bits everywhere :whistle:
  19. :police: good on you spoting the peugeot but didnt the stolly in the background give it away
  20. :evil: dam iI was trying to keep that quiet ! but my e-mail does`nt seem to be working :computerterror: Rolf try mattilda11@blueyonder.co.uk Thanks
  21. :-D sent my e mail again hope it gets there
  22. :-D dont forget to put every thing into plastic bags then them into at least two black bin liners its wet out there
  23. :? my list didnt turn up ? :? I do have a spare CS8 and PU Instruction book but yours is the 4 most should be the same but the engine if its any help
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