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  1. There is another meeting imminent, however initial thoughts are positive however it could do with someone to co-ordinate exhibiters and firm up any ground displays plans, as i'm more on the aviation side of it Any offers gratefully received
  2. My apologies thought the meeting was this friday it's next friday, hopefully i'll have an answer to it's go ahead then fingers crossed !!!!
  3. Does anyone know who has the rapier set up that i've seen pictures of a military mayhem
  4. as i say i'm just canvassing opinion at the moment but hopefully a positive go ahead will result from this meeting, as there a lot of aircraft issues to discuss (some fall out of the victor event) but here's fingers crossed as i've not seen a lot advertised for similar events nearby and the location is centrally based in the midlands
  5. Are there any collections out there with cold war related vehicles ie airfield defence, ground equipment etc
  6. well it's a laugh in the raf (not!!!) hand on i've a broom up my **** and i'm off to sweep the hanger
  7. At the moment there are 3 x buccaneers 1 x starfighter 2 x lightning 1 x sea vixen 2 x hunter 1 x jaguar 1 1/2 x scout AH1 1 x comet 1 x victor (non flying) 1 x canberra a lot of people have mentioned having flying display participants however that has to be balanced against losing the closeness to the fast taxiing jets as a crowd safety barrier would need to be moved back for flying displays. In answer there was a time when there were 3 harries but alas they moved on 2 to the US and 1 down to gatwick
  8. will be one of the may bank holiday's meeting will be held on the 11th to discuss dates as in the last 3 years it's been moved from one to the other, at this present time i think the aim is to 'spice' up the ground displays with added interest, so post-war cold war item will fit right in, there's also the possibility of using part restored aircraft in set pieces If anyone has any ideas of "cold war" set pieces and anyone who's into the whole recreation activity drop us a bell, i know we'd like to get air cadets more invovled other than "car parking" duty, obviously they have their res
  9. Although not entirely involve with the military vechicle front, i've started to come across a lot of vehicles whilst working on the aircraft at brunty mainly in a ground support vein me myself i'm still serving her majesties finest, or as some people like to term it at the moment the royal air farce and i've still got 11 years left to go, i'm currently on my 8 th year on harriers (and no i don't know any of the display pilot's ) incidently my log in reference is my wifes name in case as on other forums people start calling me stacey LOL !!!!!
  10. In addition to the cold war jets, a proposal has been put on the table for there to be more ground displays for the next open day in may 2010 just asking here if there is the interest for people to bring along "cold war" era vehicles at the present time the BAOR recreation group are in the frame to come (dependant on event meeting next week) Many of us beleive that a new aspect to the event will continue to encorage new enthusiasts and possibly more people to help out
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