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  1. http://www.milweb.net/classifieds/view_large.php?ad=95129&cat=7
  2. This is a nice photo, thx Mark!
  3. Orignial it was 8mm steel, we used 8mm aluminium to reduce the weight and have easy tranportabele. The weight is now 2ton.
  4. Normally there was at the right of the machinegun one holder for a ammunition box. it is not clear where other ammo boxes where stored. The turret is indeed turned by the body of the gunner. Underneath you will see some photos we made of the interior of the Rolls Royce armored car in Bovington. This vehicle was made in the early twenties but by the same company who made the armor plating of the Lanchester.
  5. They were indeed very basic, here two original photos.
  6. No connection with the Tank Museum, but we live near Brussels.
  7. It's based In Belgium, but in November we go with the Lanchester to the lancaster insurance classic motor show in Birmingham.
  8. It's a complete build replica with a Daimler 15 engine(2166cc) init
  9. The result of a crazy idea, our Lanchester armoured car project.
  10. Thx Steveo for your very interresting info! But somebody told me that this gun is more then thirty years here in Belgium. Looks strange that this gun was coming from Romania in full cold war to Belgium. We checked this gun for a second time and we found French manipulation advice on it. Maybe the French used this type also? Grtz, Crets
  11. Hello, A friend of mine found the answer this morning. It seems to be that it is a “canon de 105 L mle 1936 Schneider” A gun from French design used with France, Germany and Romania in WWII. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_de_105_L_mle_1936_Schneider http://www.ww2incolor.com/Romanian+Forces/A+105+mm+Schneider+model+1936+towed+by+a+Skoda+6STP6L+truck_+from+a+motorized+heavy+artillery+regiment.html http://www.worldwar2.ro/arme/?article=310 Indeed its pity that it is living outside. Grtz Crets
  12. Hello, Seen this gun today on the local metal dump. Is there anybody that has a clue what kind of field gun this is? Thanks in advance, Crets
  13. Hello Rob, Some close -up pictures of the sight and the "bill hooks" will be great! Do you have any idea witch number the ATK sight has for the 17pdr? Thanks in advance, Grtz Crets
  14. Rob, really nice to see a complete 17 pounder! Most of them are missing the sight bracket. Friends of mine of the Belgian arty museum are restorating a 17 pounder. They have less information and ofcourse parts. Do you have notice of some manuals about the 17 pounder? Or some close up photos of the sight bracket? Thanks in advance, Grtz Crets
  15. Thanks for the welcome lads! Are there other artillery fans on the forum? Grtz, Crets
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