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  1. Gordon and Tony B, Many Thanks for your more than helpful advice, both will be looked into asap, I have fitted a glass inline fuel filter on the "up" pipe to the carb as I could not dismantle the fuel filter on firewall, but this will be coming off and checked. Ignition switch never crossed my mind but will be checking that out as well. Thanks again Gentlemen, very much appreciated.
  2. Hi Everyone, Had a slight issue today with my WC62. Quite happily trundling along to a local show, doing around 35 mph when as I went to accelerate up a slight hill she cut out, no acceleration, no ignition light on (has been converted to 12v), just died. Would not refire for about 90 secs, then off she went. Half a mile up the road, same thing. When she fired back up, had no acceleration above 30 mph, felt like you`d hit a wall. I know people mention "vapour lock", I kind of understand but is there anything to avoid to stop this if it is this. Had the Zenith carb rebuilt 2
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