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  1. "long term project", this will be something novel as your restorations are super fast..........yes I am jealous :-D
  2. After the discussion on Cleco's or skin pins for holding to be riveted sections together, I thought you might be interested in these gadgets. Mate of mine uses these ones on his restoration to hold thin sheet metal together for butt welding.
  3. Very Nice..... I wanted to buy an old BSA when I was in Malaysia but it was heavily molested
  4. Ok quiet day today, but they were called REME Land Rover display team https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/landrover-display-team.202135/ A picture.......
  5. I saw it at the LRO show in 2008, but just had a trawl through their videos and cant see it. There has to be video footage of it someplace
  6. What about those off the shelf tank liner paints, can they be purchased in ethanol resistant types? At least you wouldn't have to do the cleaning step as that is the most labour intensive part.
  7. http://ww2today.com/9th-march-1943-exercise-spartan-tests-d-day-forces-in-britain
  8. congrats....... a bit of a puzzle but far worse has been rebuilt
  9. More intact than a Panzer rebuild Maybe those silver boxes I drag around the world fit a Convenantor Lost, buried and abandoned no more
  10. Amazing stuff like this still pop up in Oz in a somewhat unmolested state. As almost everything gets re-purposed eg the spitfire I located in Kalgoorlie that had been converted into a chook shed.
  11. Actually depleted uranium is still radioactive "The enrichment process reduces the radioactivity of depleted uranium to approximately half of that of natural uranium". Apart from ammunition it is used for shielding isotopes because it is denser than lead or tungsten, obviously higher density is better for ammo also. In my job it is used to shield Iridium and Selenium sources, with the sources out the DU container still emits. You have basically 2 types of radiation to be concerned about, radiation exposure and radiation contamination. Exposure is the electromagnetic waves pass
  12. The missing ships in SE Asia was very well known as was on the historical groups whilst I was there and nothing was done to stop it. Just about every ship of note sunk an the onset of the Japanese attack no longer exist, although designated war graves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Prince_of_Wales_(53) In October 2014, the Daily Telegraph reported that both Prince of Wales and Repulse were being "extensively damaged" with explosives by scrap metal dealers.[41]
  13. I seen on youtube restoration guys in the states use magnetically attached blocks of copper on the back sides of welds to disappate heat and apparently leaves a flusher finish. You can buy them on ebay.... but your cold chisel process got me thinking a 4mm bit of copper bus bar sandwiched in would be interesting Found the link
  14. Slow news day as is on the Australian news website now.....At least there is a bit more accuracy http://www.news.com.au/world/british-treasure-hunter-says-wreck-of-mv-wilhelm-gustoff-on-which-9500-died-hides-hitlers-lost-gold/news-story/87225b20637ac887d2d353b44982b59c
  15. That would be sad..... not that i want to go back to my international trips anymore....but went to Duxford many times
  16. Looking forward to seeing your turret :cool2:
  17. Was the corrosion more aggressive in this area on the old tank? If so I would recommend coating it, the pipe that is
  18. I wonder if they put the wood across the roof to cool the cabs down. To this day in Malaysia you can still see trucks they've ripped the roofs off and put wooden ones on.
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