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  1. I know of a few which have had towbars fitted.
  2. I think the other videos he has done may be of more interest. Especially the ones in the construction yard. Plenty of old CMP's, Jeeps, and a gantry Austin K6 to name a few.
  3. The film clip is now available on line as part of the BFI unlocking film heritage programme. Here is the link https://www.macearchive.org/films/atv-today-12091974-raf-cottesmore
  4. These taps were also used on some outboard motors. Corks are available from Sheridan marine. https://www.sheridanmarine.com/product/british-seagull-outboard-metal-fuel-tap-overhaul-kit I seem to remember someone replacing the corks with nitrile O rings mounted on brass spacers. Chris
  5. Have you tried Speedy cables? https://speedycables.com/speedometer-cables/
  6. I hate to be a pedant but it looks like the arm on the left side is mounted upsidedown compared to the right hand one.
  7. A Dodge WC 52 pottering around Potten End near Berkhamsted at lunchtime today!
  8. Two truck cabs looking similar to a Forson WOT8, one with no roof, on a trailer behind a dropside van going clockwise round the M25 near Heathrow yesterday about 2:30. Wheelarches and the missing roof in the back of the dropside.
  9. What sort of price for a Bedford MW engine? I could be interested!
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