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  1. please contact me A.S.A.P. reference KYK 945D


    Many Thanks, Sid.

  2. Should be visible here, Craig. http://www.cheshiremerseysidemvt.com/#/members-vehicles/4562027144
  3. That is very interesting! I am given to understand that one of the three of these I currently own is one the of former Skegness pair. As time goes by, I am less and less sure that I will be able to restore any of these, so if anyone is interested.....
  4. That is brilliant. Thanks so much. I knew the c.e.s. was heavy but blimey... Best wishes, Dan
  5. Anyone able to tell me the empty weight of the Foden Recovery?
  6. Yes - An Americanism, I'm sure. We should call things by the correct name. So from now on it will be "Tractor, 3 Ton, GS, Recovery, Light, 4 x 4, Bedford, RL"! Regards.
  7. I stand corrected....But what is the distinction?
  8. Excellent machine! For (some) cab panels, try Brian Whiteside (nr Poole) (Wimbourne). He has some other stuff too. Rhys Hughes (Fishguard) also has loads of RL stuff. Are the panels beyond repair?? It is fantastic to see one the of rare ex-AFS wreckers still in existence, and your photos show clearly some of the interesting mods at the rear end. There is a really nice guy out there (Tony) who has lovingly created a beauty of an AFS wrecker from the "standard" army version, with these AFS mods. In recent years he has taken it to the Welland Steam Rally as part of an AFS event, but unfortunately that won't be repeated this year. You may well know him... I am the current custodian of two ex REME wreckers which I am absolutely mad on. At end of May, REME are arriving as near to my home as they can get with a MAN SVR + trailer to "borrow" YSU 350 for a ReccyMech get-together and action day with some other, BIG, ex REME wreckers, including Scammell and Foden EKA. YSU 350 still needs some work on the cab, but wiring, air, and brakes are all renewed. Still work to do on it. The other I haven't yet touched, but it drove 100 miles OK before it overheated. (Turns out the engine block cooling is blocked up.) I have an original copy of the User Handbook which I am going to get copied and when it is done, if you want, you are welcome to a copy. Regards, Dan
  9. Apologies for being a bit (well-very) slow off the mark here, but did you get the answers you wanted re winch ancillary layout?
  10. I drove my 6x6 Mk1 130miles home two years ago. It was (for me, anyway) hard work, but do-able. Hardest to fathom gearbox I've ever encountered. Avoid motorways.
  11. That is incredibly helpful, thank-you. That gives me loads to go on. And you have confirmed what I suspected about only one of the two pins being used, the solenoid earth return being shared with the main power earth I presume? Is replacement of the conductor inside the braiding feasible? There has been deep water in the hull and I think that may be why the starter packed in. I doubt it will have done the cables much good either. Also, in the cab, the wires out of the driver switchboard don't look great and they seem to go into the switchboard itself rather than into plessey-type connector. Know anything about this? DJW
  12. I am soon going to be changing the starter motor on my Alvis Stalwart (STAL54). While I am at it, I would like to know more about the wiring system: for example, the braided cable that runs from the ignition junction box to the starter motor. I'd like to find out what sort of cables and connectors were used, and I'd appreciate advice on how best to go about sympathetically rejuvenating the wiring, cleaning the connector contacts, and possibly sourcing replacements. I'd like the wiring to be safe and reliable, but as "authentic" as possible too. DJW
  13. What happened? Nothing broke? No-one hurt?
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