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  1. please contact me A.S.A.P. reference KYK 945D


    Many Thanks, Sid.

  2. Yes - An Americanism, I'm sure. We should call things by the correct name. So from now on it will be "Tractor, 3 Ton, GS, Recovery, Light, 4 x 4, Bedford, RL"! Regards.
  3. I stand corrected....But what is the distinction?
  4. Excellent machine! For (some) cab panels, try Brian Whiteside (nr Poole) (Wimbourne). He has some other stuff too. Rhys Hughes (Fishguard) also has loads of RL stuff. Are the panels beyond repair?? It is fantastic to see one the of rare ex-AFS wreckers still in existence, and your photos show clearly some of the interesting mods at the rear end. There is a really nice guy out there (Tony) who has lovingly created a beauty of an AFS wrecker from the "standard" army version, with these AFS mods. In recent years he has taken it to the Welland Steam Rally as part of an AFS event, but unfor
  5. Hello Simon, yes, it was on ebay about 18months ago. That's when I bought it, but I was unable to move it until today. The chap who sold it to me had taken great care of it and done alot to it. Bye for now, Dan W
  6. ...parked up at end of 140mile drive. No problems except fuel bill.
  7. Here's a photo of JSK798 stopped for fuel en route from Yorkshire to the NW Midlands today. First time I had driven it. I did not find the gearbox especially easy to manage.
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