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  1. My list states...............XG plates "All services" "Vehicles commissioned in Germany,including Commonwealth War Graves Commission"
  2. I've had it over a year now and it is a lovely thing to drive.Also got a 85 M1009 and a 87 Reo (ex US air force)
  3. Tis indeed a 9C1 police package vehicle.Bought by the Diplomatic corps in London.\
  4. The easiest way to find out if the relay is stuck on is to........Have both your batts fully charged,Ing off and put a volt meter from the top of one of your glowplugs to earth.You should have no voltage.
  5. Try here for parts.http://www.us-army-military-shop.de/
  6. Not long finished my CPC.I didn't pay for it my employer did.One of the courses I did was Forklift ticket renewal(every 3 years) and found out that that counted as one of my sessions for CPC.Work that one out.
  7. I've heard the Dutch aren't playing CPC anymore and it seems the French are going the same way.
  8. I did them all as well.The best one was Lionheart 84........because i was umpiring.
  9. I agree.Naughty,naughty always have a commander with intercom when on the road.If you hit something the Commander is always the guy who takes the rap.The same with a banksman who guiding you.Oh,and it's not a tank.Now Chieftain like used to drive for a living....is a tank.:cool2:
  10. I bought a M35a2c (that's the one with dropsides).Big,noisy and i love it.Bought it the end of summer.Ex USAF one so it has no pioneer rack and slave socket and it's nice and straight being ex air force.
  11. It's a ex USAF M35a2c whistler.Nice and straight:D
  12. Wrong tread pattern and i only need 2.
  13. Anyone know where i can hold of 9.00 x 20's????
  14. During my time in the army i drove Stalwart which was HGV 2.I think you will find Scaracen will be as well owing to the axle configuration.Oh and the army uses commanders in vehicles with poor vision.I.e tanks,ferret,fox,saladin and scaracen.If you hit anything the commander takes the rap.
  15. Ah,but remember Armed Forces vehicles are exempt a lot of C+U legislation.Or were in the 80's.The seats used to be just clipped in over the sideboards.In the 90's they had to be bolted in.
  16. Hi Ken here in Cornwall.I've had a M1009 for about 7 years.I get my bits from germany or fleabay,LMC in the states.
  17. A Chieftain with a main brake that will be a novelty.
  18. You can get Iltis parts from you local VW dealer.
  19. ER - ET = army B Veh 65-57 EK - EN,EP = army B veh 62-65 KA - KM = 82-94 non specialist equipment BC-BH,BJ-BN army B veh 49-54
  20. After last years paint job.
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