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    I live in Salisbury
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    Kit cars and any thing with an engine (I think I have oil not blood in my veins!!)
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    Work part time in a shop and starting to set up a buisness building kit cars...
  1. Hi Jimh, Cracking job !! :bow: I am so jealous..... I WANT ONE.... Seriously mate it is looking very good. Will you be at the GDSF next year? I have seen one on ebay and very tempted, but I need to be practical. I don't have the space or the equipment to do the job. But maybe one day i'll have the time and money to do the job... Keep up the good work and hope to see it on the road/mud soon. Mike :thumbsup:
  2. Hi All :saluting: Im Michael from Salisbury and I love anything with an engine... :drive: I first met my first Scammell at Boscombe Down in 1989, A Scammell Pioneer reg no. NGY 295. It is still in operation at Boscombe and now owned by D hardy. I then found the Explorer and had a new love... One day I hope to have one but we'll have to see..... Thanks Mike :thumbsup:
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