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  1. Welcome. Anything is possible,good luck with your project. Arnie
  2. Arnie 'BEST JOB I EVER HAD'
  3. M6KBO I run a VCR321 and VCR353 Clansman out of my FV432. 73's Arnie
  4. First time at the show,agreed great atmosphere,seemed well attended and would definitely go back again next year. and good to meet Clive Elliot for the first time,great source of information. Arnie and wifey
  5. While driving up the M23 today going north towards Gatwick Airport,on the other side I saw a low loader with a American half track and could have been a GMC on the back!!!?.Got me thinking have these just been used in the new Brad Pitt tank movie Fury?. Arnie
  6. Mark and his Cheiftain ARRV,good to see Mark and "Sherek"....looking good...I meant the ARRV.I will swop it for my FV432!!..In my dreams.
  7. .Hi Clive I have just bought a second hand reconditioned FV432 generator which I would like bring to the show for you to test. I know that you, of course, cannnot carry out a full static test under working condition's; but any test's that prove it is functional would be appreciated. Regards Arnie
  8. There will be now 11 in stock when this one goes.:wow:?I was led to believe!!!!!. Arnie
  9. Hi Nick I have no idea, but have fun stripping,are you living in Kent by any chance?. Arnie
  10. Dear ALL Thank you for your help thus far,I will have a mearsure over the weekend and let you all know what parts I may need,cable lenghts and connectors. Many thanks for all your help. 73's M6KBO Arnie
  11. Hi Mike Its all going into a FV432. Arnie
  12. Hi All Any help in acquiring the following items would be gratefully appreciated. 1 X ARFAT 1 X TUAAM Mounting bracket for TUAAM Clansman Mounting Bars Cable connecting ARFAT & TUAAM - 7 way interconnecting cable Other cables I think we need for connecting the pieces - I might be wrong - any advice/help gratefully appreciated !! 353 to ARFAT - 12 way interconnecting cable 353 to ARFAT - Coax cable ARFAT TO TUAAM - Coax cable Antenna Base to TUAAM - Coax cable Many Thanks Arnie
  13. Dear All I have two BA 2803 MK I generators that are currently in need of test & repair. Does anyone know of a company that would be able to carry out the work? Regards Arnie Regards
  14. Where about's in East Gippsland are you,as I lived and worked on a farm in Outtrim in 1985/86 and while there I visited a TA Recovery Unit not far from there.You will have some great hill's to take it out on, and good luck with the restoration work. Arnie
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