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  1. If the fitment of a "type approved" rear under run protection system is a hoop anyone is being forced to jump through may I direct you to the exemptions glossary of the regulations; basically if your vehicle has all wheel drive or difflocks (or a combo of) you are driving an "off road vehicle" and exempt from fitting RURPS Still engaged in a discussion with IVA technical as to if I need an IVA at all given the fact the vehicle "was designed for and used by the military services" Lovely people in Germany in the armed services department are trying to find tech specs, next line of attack is the TUV and Federal motor transport agency/KHB.. :undecided:
  2. lots of kids mean I need the quad cab of the 110-17 as opposed to the Danish 168. the Danish fleet seem to be mostly the IVA exempt side of 25 years old - I'll give Crouch a call to check though. Iveco seem to be fairly keen to help at the mo so fingers crossed!
  3. NOVA would appear to be the easiest of the problems to solve given the time Ive just spent on the phone, now I need to either do an IVA or convince Iveco to produce a type approval letter for a vehicle never sold in the UK, followed by filling out a VTG1 (first MOT form) and then an MOT is it really that convoluted? :-(
  4. Thanks Nick, it looks like Im to do a VAT NOVA 1 form, I'll get in touch with the helpline tomorrow and check through it all, other than that hiccup is it broadly the same process as it was ?
  5. I trundled over and bought it from a company in Germany that sells ex-bunderwehr vehicles, so Ive got two registration documents (both in my name) showing the temporary German registration number to enable it to drive out of Germany, the both state the exact date of manufacture if thats of use? Ive also got the last TUV and the original receipt showing tax was paid when I bought it so hopefully HMRC can go whistle :-)
  6. Please be gentle, Im shiny and new.. I have a 12 tonne Iveco 110-17AW courtesy of the German Army and I would like to register it here, is it as straightforward as; Footman James for Insurance Booking it in for its test at the DVSA/DVA/whichever letters we feel like this week Taking German paperwork in sticky mitts along with insurance, MOT and shiny Class 1 licence to DVLA office (do they still exist?) and paying for a first registration fee, 6 months tax and walking away with a number plate? Or has the world got more complicated? Many thanks Jez
  7. Hirst get lots of MOD bits and bobs, they are quite sympathetic in terms of not wanting to just melt down everything in fact they want the Scammell to go to a home in one lump, apparently it cant go back onto the road as the MOD sold it as scrap (?) but should anyone need a complete vehicle is sat there and looks like it would fire up with fresh fuel and some batteries. it looked like a Scorpion they were chewing on, the engine bay is still fully populated and at the rate they are chewing through it its going to be some time before they fully destroy it. Theres 16x20 tyres, 14x20s (set of 4), Nato "brick" batteries (the square 100Ah jobbies), and plenty of piles of gears/sprockets etc from driven wheels, tank treads... all sorts. The yard is open during the week or on Saturday between 9 and 12, they seem ok with having a meander about providing you ask first, pick up a high vis and dont seem like a liability, nice fellas :-)
  8. Anyone interested in an amphibious bridgelayer and a Scammell wrecker? both all up and together and in pretty good condition - laying just outside Basingstoke in a scrapyard. I will try and get some pics at the weekend
  9. Vulcan was the last fixed wing he flew, his last posting was Waddington after which he transferred to rotary wing and never went back - he still has a soft spot for the flying skip though.
  10. My Dad was a Vulcan pilot, Ive emailed him the story - it would be quite a kick if he fancied getting back into the seat :idea:
  11. Thanks guys, Mouse is off to pastures new Edd, The team is going to be building 2 new cars this autumn as well as prepping the Maggie for the joys that Russian tours provide :sweat: if anyone is really bored we have a team website House of Flying Spanners theres a couple of vids (turn your speakers up if you like the sound of V8's ) The maggie was bought to provide a baby buggy for our little one and keep him out of Mosquito range (or at least make them work for it!) so it will be violated with a camperbody on the back (sorry), first impressions from bringing it back from Germany are very good, quiet, fast, civilised and pretty good on fuel, single wheel conversion and some 14R20s is the next job on the list for the mud pluggers out there this is my dirty habit, I cant kick it, I dont even want to try to be honest :-D if you get stuck for bits Adam we trundle round Russia every now and then and spend a fair bit of time in Eastern Europe, Im sure we can chuck something in the boot if needed
  12. Hi all! my name is Jez Goodwin, I live in the cultural jewel of the South (Basingstoke), married to a mad Slovak woman, we have a newborn son, a workshop full or stupid stuff, a prediliction for racing offroad cars in Eastern Europe and Russia and now the owners of a rather swanky ex-German Army Iveco Magirus DOKA. looking forward to picking your brains and trying to return the favour Cheers Jez
  13. Hi Guys, Ive just bought a 1990 ex-Bundeswehr Iveco Magirus DOKA, Im guessing because of the double cab its an ex-driving school wagon but sadly I have no idea how to trace any info whatsoever about it, can anyone point me in the right direction please? Many thanks Jez
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