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  1. O.K. I will hang up my anorak. We at Dunsfold have been into M.V.s since 1965 when my father along with the likes of Joe Lyndhurst, Nick and Mike Johns, Peter Gray, And a few more attending the early shows in the mid/late 1960s (John Carter days) with what must have been the first 6x6 Dodge in presveration and buying Dingos for £37.50 in lots of 5! yes i have the Ruddington/Ludgershall cats with the prices in. Along came Champs and of course Land Rovers. The Land Rover was my fathers first car in 1950 so they stuck. Dunsfold as a Land Rover business grew from there and is possibly has the larg
  2. They sold thanks for asking phil
  3. I have a set of 4 wheel stations/ hub assys in as new condition and wonder the best way of moving them on and a fair price? Also some new grilles windscreen lower frame soft top i think sub frame and a nudge bar. Any help welcome. I have no knowledge of these vehicles!.Philip
  4. Does it come with a wooden stake through the engine and does it stink of garlic?
  5. Mine has the brass plate screwed just above the left hand front spring by the steering box on the out side of the chassis rails. Have also seen them on the dash face. I do have new plates in stock Phil Bashall
  6. I dont have my Snatch book handy but snatch are 5 speed,arnt they?.
  7. FRC8252 Is the correct part number for the 110" v8 and the box you have. It is not a 101" box.
  8. The gearbox looks to be from a 110" V8 SAS/ARMOURED CAR with the big front propshaft flange and larger hand brake. The gearbox will fit a 4 speed Classic Range Rover if the output flange and shaft and handbrake are changed.To fit a 101" the bellhousing and spigot shaft will need to be changed, also the transfer box ratio is different to the 101" Part number FRC8252 I think these are ex Hereford vehicles stock.
  9. I think i have some of the old Humber days, Sadly i think they are of about 6 under the cutting tourch :nut:. Space is still a premium in Surrey.
  10. whilst scanning some old pics for our new website (live i the next couple of days) i found this photo I think its the Johns bros at Tunnel Hill. I have some more of jeeps,champs and Landys i will try to post soon.

    New toy

    They look like fun. Were they a British army thing or overseas customers?

    New toy

    I have a Snap On diagnostic kit which works fine. Done a few runs around the village and all seems fine now. Robin thanks for looking.

    New toy

    I Have had a few issues with the gearbox but i hope this afternoon to have cured it. Had to plug it into a diagnostic system and clear down some faults. I cant believe that the MOD had somthing like this with a ~~~~ computor! Will keep you posted.
  14. I have seen them fitted to the L/H inner wing just by the down pipe exit. I have new plates if you need one.

    New toy

    I hope it swims better than this one!!

    New toy

    Playing with the new toy. Cant go in the lake its frozen I know its not a Land Rover but it does use Landy hubs!
  17. Thanks anything at the moment would be fine
  18. Got a new toy and would like to find a supplier or source for a set of books/manuals for a mk 3 6x6 with VW turbo engine. Supercat can supply 3 manuals at £75.00 ea!! i decliened. Someone must have some.Phil Bashall 01483 200567
  19. Well we at Dunsfold are still open. Great fun clearing the main road and earning a bit clearing drives. Its great to use it for what it was converted to. Two owners 13000 miles!
  20. Pic 1+2 I think we used to have a Wickham steam cleaner like that.
  21. Ah The one at Dallas was a mint one. The one with the the prices in is a well used one my father and nick used at Ludgershall where the Dingos came from. The others i have are all ex Harry/John Potter, plus others i have been collecting for many years. I will drag out some more prices for odd things when i have a moment.
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