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  1. 5 hours ago, wally dugan said:

    The race is on to get everything out of the loft builders here to start on Monday l have pulled a few files out here is one on the purposed  replacement for the 109 in 1962 and a picture  of the wooden mock up model this was to have a wheel base of 109 1/2 or 1101068186824_1091.thumb.jpg.ec13789e3d2af889d7ba86d7c423fcd9.jpg569216197_1092.thumb.jpg.8a751c1d44a7b991f78c8f48326e390d.jpg

    here is the 110" 3/4 ton bonneted control in its current position in the Dunsfold Collection, nice find Wally , please bear me in mind if you have a chance to copy it. philip


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  2. Thanks for the reply's so far. On checking the VIN number its a CKD (COMPLETELY KNOCKED DOWN) kit for Rest of the world so it could have been assembled in N.Z. ? Its interesting that date into service is 1986 the 109" was replaced by the 110" in 1983 so they must have taken a long time to build.

  3. The present camo paint was done by the NZ guy who imported it into the U.K. 10 years ago. It is ex NZ. I have the army docs for it it’s army reg was RM6340 and it’s looking more like it was a deep bronze green with a satin Finnish? It was a reserve vehicle in service hence it’s nice rust free condition, must be quite rare in the U.K.


  4. I have started a tidy up on a Ex New Zealand Army Land Rover Stage 1 V8 from the 1980s. I believe these were CKD build from Australia but I cant find any reference for the original green. Its like a matt Deep bronze green but not quite, Its not Forrest green as far as I can tell. The vehicle has been painted in NATO camo and looks wrong. Are any of our NZ friends able to  find a code before I go down the matching road. Thanks.




  5. I am sorry to inform you all of the passing of Brian at 1.30 Sunday. He was one of the first band of brothers to collect military vehicles and display them back in the mid 1960s. He will be missed by his boys Chris and Philip and staff at Dunsfold. He Has been active with all vehicles with tyres and tracks since the 1960s, Founded Dunsfold Land Rovers and off course the Dunsfold Collection which is now a registered charity. He stopped driving his assortment of Rovers, cars, Tractors and motorcycles 5 years ago and was wheelchair bound (with knobbly tyres) but still had a great tail to tell. I,m sure many of you have your fond memories of Brian seen in a Dodge 6x6, a £37.50 Dingo, Humber1 ton, Ward La France or Bedford QL i am sure its the QL that buggered his knees up! RIP Brian and we will miss you.


  6. I remember loading a Stalwart up a loading ramp not knowing it had a broken middle drive shaft on one side. When the point of balance came in it slewed sideways!. Thankfully it was on a concrete ramp and not single ramps. Very exciting, also had no brakes! A lucky escape and no one hurt except my pride. Ever since then any more 601 series vehicles i loaded i always drove a little and noted the filler plug positions. Just shows how easy it is to have a accident.

  7. That will be Geoff Cosins from Dorking. He says it was a hair raising experence (he does not have a lot of hair anyway) The Ferret started life in Cranleigh i think i got it from Cranleigh School then it got sold on to a local guy in Cranleigh then Geoff who sold it to another collector and then ended up i think in Spain!. It attended many shows in the south and won a pot at Southsea in 1994. It was GVS 612 . I talk to Geoff weekly he Is not a forum guy but he would love a DVD. Philip Bashall.

  8. We had a problem with the bellhousing being cast to thickly around the ring gear area. After fitting a brand new santana gearbox the ring gear fouled and jamed the engine. I have fitted two gearboxes and had to die grind around the ring gear in the bellhousing. I am gusing that the new ring gear is a knats larger than the old one and that is the problem. I Am assuming the engine is fitted to the bellhousing?

  9. O.K. I will hang up my anorak. We at Dunsfold have been into M.V.s since 1965 when my father along with the likes of Joe Lyndhurst, Nick and Mike Johns, Peter Gray, And a few more attending the early shows in the mid/late 1960s (John Carter days) with what must have been the first 6x6 Dodge in presveration and buying Dingos for £37.50 in lots of 5! yes i have the Ruddington/Ludgershall cats with the prices in. Along came Champs and of course Land Rovers. The Land Rover was my fathers first car in 1950 so they stuck. Dunsfold as a Land Rover business grew from there and is possibly has the largest stock of old and modern parts in the south. Oh yes i forgot we also have a few collectors Landys Around 95 at the moment!. I also have a vast collection of manuals and paperwork for Rovers oh yes i also have a MB Jeep!. Thanks Clive for the wonderfull comments (i am very shy!) also thanks for all the comments on the talk the other day. Sorry it dragged on a bit but 1 min per vehicle x 95 = ?. Right im of to count some rivets now ta ta Philip Bashall.

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