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  1. hi, yes he is great, I have had a Steyr 1500 body from him, it is excellent. all is work is good. however as you say slow. I visited him about 5 years ago, we had a boozy lunch and he showed me his collection. Nice guy. I understand he is looking at getting out of doing German motor bike parts, whether this includes Kettenkrad I do not know. I was just hoping there may be some parts out here in the rest of the world. I keep plugging on with Lehar. thanks for reply. Gerard
  2. HI Guys, this is a bit of a HELP call. does any one for a spare couple of parts. Taffel numbers 13-35 and 13-37 both come from fan linkage. any help with parts or directions to suppliers gratefully received. Gerard
  3. Hi Tony, I have been given name and contact, I don't know him directly but worth a letter explaining what you need. Superintendent Robin Jolly. Forces Motor Transport Officer. Hong Kong Police Headquarters, 2 Arsenal Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
  4. no this is a different Stug from same Santa Fa ship. I always wondered what a black hole looked like close up, this is it. deep pockets would be needed to restore his baby. I understand it is up for sale still. Cheers, gerard
  5. Hi, thanks for welcome. I'll ask my friends at HK Police training centre, they may have some photos of land rovers. cheers, Gerard
  6. Hi, I have just joined the forum. I collect German vehicles, if any one has visited IWM Duxfords land warfare hall over past few years. The Schwimmwagen, Kettenkrad and Steyr 1500 are mine. Cheers, Gerard
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