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  1. Please learn to use a spelling and grammar checker! It's not difficult! It's do not due for the correct meaning.
  2. How about an armored covert ops vehicle (jag maybe) that was regularly repainted to keep the provos guessing?
  3. It wasn't used in northern island by any chance?
  4. I'd also love to try climbing one! But we need to take into consideration that the really scarey bit would be sitting at the top of the not yet completed mast as a helicopter dangled the (probably extremely heavy and unstable) next section in the down draught as they had to try and maneuver it and get the bolts in without being knocked off!:wow: Or even worse, climbing a damaged mast to repair it after high winds, lightning or whatever other phenomenon could easily damage it.
  5. I don't suppose you have loads of the high power versions? (for sale)
  6. Or you didn't realise they were in the back with the door still open, put your foot down, and they fell out -I hear that can happen!
  7. Was it to tell the troops to stop fighting and come in for lunch?:-D
  8. Maybe there was one,but it gave up and joined another forum?
  9. A few years ago, before they built the more substantial surround around it. I had to stop a couple of lads using it to wash in (well there was a cue for the showers. (I know a lot of people like to get s**t faced at beltring, but that's going a bit far:wow:) )
  10. Because one is real and full size and one is a model?
  11. Is it some sort of naval two radio and intercom combining box? Secure?
  12. Does anybody know where I could get the original bottles tested/refilled for one of these sets?
  13. has it got an artillery/big gun connection?
  14. Hello, could anybody point me in the right direction toget any information on this air conditioner? A parts list could be great. There doesn't seem tobe much from google. Cheers Matt
  15. I'd be interested as to how well they translate into Dutch. See here http://wiki.lspace.org/wiki/Talk:Main_Page#translations (Although judging by the Dutch people I've spoken to, reading the English version wouldn't be too much of a problem)
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