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  1. Barbour did indeed make a jacket in DPM, I wore my one to destruction and it looked almost black in colour when it was on its last legs. A bloody good jacket, might go and buy another at some point. :-D
  2. First time i ever visited the store, was purely just to go and have a look. And the first purchase was a very nice Barbour jacket, just liked it and it was pissing it down with rain so i thought hmmm what better excuse do i need to buy something. Tried it on, and found a holster and magazine loop sewn on the inside of the jacket. It wasnt to be my last purchase thats for sure:D
  3. Welcome to the forum and a very nice LR 90 you have there, and RAF Marham to boot:cheesy:.
  4. Will be there, along with forum member 27-KF-73. Hopefully the return journey wont end up with me in the back of an ambi :blush:
  5. I know this is threadomancy as i call it but to reply to the PP, I believe in the 1980s there was a British Army’s requirement for a Future Family of Light Armoured Vehicles (FFLAV). This to my understanding included left hand drive. This is only from what i have read a number of years ago so the source could be wrong, wouldnt mind seeing some more photos of the above Saxon. Ollie
  6. Tim i have to agree with that although a replica, it was certainly nice to see and he deserves a well done. At the end of the day a lot of the Dinkys and wolfs are replicas too so its nice to see that someone has taken the time and effort to make one and display it. Crack on, good show. Ollie
  7. Re the water bottle in the small pouch, It is to my understanding that a spare is to be carried in the small pack with the second in its cradle on the belt. There is nothing wrong with the use of white enamel mugs, they where used from the 30s well up to the end of the war. Looking good, i look foreword to seeing more threads like this. Ollie
  8. I did spot a good replica but unfortunately i missed it due to having to take a trip to a local ATM, sold by the time i got back :cry:. I intend on getting one of those metal airsoft GPMGs and sticking some genuine parts to improve the look at feel of it. Im very tempted to do my own replicas at some point as well so ill let you all know once it kicks off, im sure i can do a discount for HMVF members if there is enough interest. All the best Ollie
  9. Got a fair bit this year, all bargains as well as i tend to shop smart and delve deep in the boxes. Sa80 bayonet with scabbard and sheath x3 paid no more than £20 a peace. Six GS mk6a helmets, paid about £10-£15 each Took advantage of the British assault rigs that was going dirt cheap another £35 6 Colt mags with mag pull tabs on along with some free stuff from a random serving chap, £15 plus a beer:D Old spec Sterling SMG five mags sling and a box load of inert 9mm swapped for a no4 rifle 200 rounds of linked 7,62 for £10 Shed load of brand new S95 shirts and trousers i cant remember what i paid but it was dirt cheep. warm weather issue sleeping bag, £5 British army cot bed £10 loads of other bits like GPMG parts Was very tempted by a deact GPMG but all that was on offer appeared to be messed with so stayed away from them. Not a bad year, sold a fair bit of kit i dont need so the show worked out very cheep.
  10. Just a quick hello as i have only just got in, still suffering from hang over from last nights stag do. :nut: Was a pleasant drive home without a hitch had a great time and i hope everyone enjoyed themselves and gets home safely. Highlight of the show for me was sitting on the rear gun seat of a pinky, love every minute of it.
  11. A Bedford Mj+Arrows trailer will be on the M11 in about an hour, give us a wave if you pass us:D
  12. Well look at this way, better than the torch or a wrecker. And likewise not my cup of tea, they should be used in the natural habitat. Charging across the plains through mud and all:cool2:.
  13. Three C130s, two Chinooks and a few Apachie flying over.
  14. A Panther in McDonald's, nice friendly bunch and what a bit of kit it is, the inside is pretty cool as well.:cool2:
  15. Dont worry i have not forgot about you, i have bean trying to dig out the visor so i can take some photos of the complete helmet. Ill load some photos of the helmet and side mounts for now. Its the Kevlar type. All the best Ollie.
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