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  1. What a bunch of numptys Is the towing truck based on an RL?
  2. Try flexo springs in kingswood near bristol their number is 01179673313
  3. Ive now got a new old stock carb brand new in its box repacked in 1965 and a new mag in its box. Ive started unscrewing the cylinders now to check the bores and rings and have nearly finished stripping the buried engine that I have. Also i can get the heads tig welded where they are damaged with the cylinders off as moving the engine to the welders would be a bit of a task. Hope fully some photos to follow soon.
  4. I now have a nearly complete engine and with thanks to the local heavy mob of lads and my dad for picking it up from guildford I can now start on the long process of stripping checking and restoring this master piece of british engineering I am hoping to have it mounted and take it to some shows next year. The list of parts i need so far are two mags a claudel hobson 70m carb a starter motor propellor hub and a prop the list will probably get longer though.
  5. I have started stripping the engine with only two cylinders and its amazing that every nut and bolt is undoing even the remains of the plug leads have unscrewed without heat or brute force only one nut had to be split. The connecting rods move and there was oil in one of the feed pipes. It shows how well these engines were maintained as this one has been buried since around 1945ish. I wonder what landrover would look like after being buried for over half a century?
  6. Ive found another complete engine just need a mag and carb and i can build one good one out of the two so the restoration has started
  7. I telephoned the a t c they were very helpful but like you said the parts went a long time ago. So the hunt continues
  8. I have just aqquired an armstrong siddeley engine from an airspeed oxford and am looking for parts to restore it back to running condition! any help and or leads for parts would be greatly appreciated.I have since been told it is a very early mark of engine prewar apparently
  9. I know of at least ten W D vehicles that went abroad to live in and a lot of q4s k9s and rls that are still alive and being lived in up in the mountains of wales one chap has quite a rare commer cab ford that is in mint nick and his mate on the same site has a maggie deutz uranus with a box body converted to a camper but re engined with a 6354 perkins. Alkl maner of strange vehicles are still around if you look. In somerset there was until a few months ago an s+d revopak ash cart converted to a living van
  10. I sold them both in early 95 usu was hippyfied and the other got cut up for parts to keep usu running the back body of it is still at monkton farleigh ammunition depot in wiltshire rotting away
  11. i have some pictures of cpo182g when it was in a feild there was also an old mobile crane threre at the time and another mat i was going to purchase them both off of roy but he sadly got killed.
  12. A rather nice aec matador timber tractor parked at the bear inn holwell near frome
  13. A very low chinook with the side door open and two people sat in the doorway near nunney in somerset looked mighty dodgy what if they had hit a bump?
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