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  1. What is parking like for the public ,is it as close and easy as Beltring?
  2. Spotted this on another forum http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/805 Nice video and in the info on the page it mentions burying aircraft and equipment when they left.
  3. http://bfbs.com/news/afghanistan/british-army-vehicles-may-be-abandoned-afghanistan-51883.html
  4. I am not sure about PRRs some of the channels are in the 2.3 ghz amateur band and the transmission is not encrypted so may be legal for hams.
  5. It is a shame that this happened, as adding a bit of aviation to the show is liked by the public perhaps a separate area could be used near where the pleasure flights operate, supervised by a properly qualified "air boss".
  6. It will be interesting if the Reds do a full display to see which line they use as they cant overfly the "crowd" and the local villages seem to be very close.Looking at the map I suspect they will use the wood to the north of the arena as a line and put show centre at New Monctons.
  7. I only sell to the UK due to payment problems in the past and I wouldn't want a hotchkiss fuel pump to fall into enemy hands.
  8. Thanks for that ferretfixer I was wondering if the email I got was a spoof.It looks like you cant sell a set of pioneer tools for a Lightweight landy now unless you put them in the gardening section.
  9. I put a couple of aerials on ebay today and got a snotagram from ebay saying that mil stuff is now verboten "We would like to inform you we have changed our policy for military items. You may be affected by this since you recently listed in a military item related category. Due to the change, the sale of items regulated by the US International Trade in Arms Regulations is now prohibited. Please read our military items policy before you list such an item again. You can also find more information on which items fall under the US International Trade in Arms in the US Munitions List. Please
  10. Hello from Cheshire. My name is Phil and have sold my VW Iltis and Hotchkiss. I am now looking for a Lightweight Land Rover to cover the oilstains in my empty workshop.
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