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  1. Hi Chris if you have an L4 for sale drop us a pm. Thanks Sal
  2. Hi Slick50, there’s a nice replica M16 on gunstar at the moment might be what your looking for?
  3. You got it Andy, The ones I have seen recently are made up from new parts and re-painted, but please correct me if I’m wrong. I remember some years ago a batch came in they were all original fit and finish, remember seeing them at W&P show Many years ago, don’t get me wrong the ones today look good, they just look to good.
  4. yep seen those think they are Re-builds, looking for an original as possible. thanks
  5. Hi all, not holding much chance of any major shows this year was on the sniff for an L4 Bren, anyone have one for sale or know who might let one go ideally a correct type not a made up one to finish off my display please pm me. Thanks
  6. Hi all on the look out for anything L1A1 SLR parts or accessories, sights, mounts, mags, stocks, anything related attend all the shows up north can meet please mail if anything of interest. Thanks
  7. Hi all anyone got an old spec (moving parts) slr rifle or British issue Inglis pistol would prefer slr with wooden furniture located in Midlands area. Thanks.
  8. I did did consider that I seen one in the flesh so to speak, it look very convincing but it just did not have the feel to it.
  9. Sorry guy's should have left it as 'moving parts' old spec new spec, before 8th April all the same.?Sorry for he confusions.
  10. Thanks, after a deac with moving parts have room now for one as long as the old lady don't see it!
  11. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thanks for the heads up! After all these years! LoL all done. Thanks Robin.
  12. Hi all after an old spec British GPMG machine gun must be in good order will travel to collect, any leads would help. Thanks to all.:-)
  13. WANTED Hi guys after anything related to the British SLR rifle' , parts, stocks, scopes etc etc, will travel within reason of west Mids. Thanks
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