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  1. It looks like it, that's the leftover armour behind the old 4th Cavalry Regiment's museum at Santa Margarida barracks.
  2. That DD Sherman is on an old Indian army firing range and photos are only from 2014 so there is a good chance it's still sitting there.
  3. Up-dated version of Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFalmuL7tEI I have made ten films so far, glad you like them as it take a lot of work to find the correct location. I personal would love to get hold of the DD Sherman in India (Part 8 ) Anyway you can see them all at Sorry same music on all of them as its copyright free.
  4. I can help, I have a 17.5 ton flatbed with winch?
  5. They used all sorts, this is not a CCKW or a Green line Bus, I was told they used Bedfords also?
  6. Djibouti Africa http://514th.co.uk/english/site.php?use=Forum&act=viewtopic&t=1211
  7. The first one has a Russian or Chinese red star on the turret
  8. Anybody got any idea what these are, the first two have different wheels?
  9. Nobody knows, they phoned the owner and I had not put that info out on the net. Its a strange one that’s for sure, the owner is so happy to have it back as he thought it had gone abroad.
  10. The Bolster has been found in Warfield, all complete and in good condition apart from the shovel and jerry cans missing. The owner got a call from an anonymous call from somebody saying it was parked up in Warfield, he went up there and there it was dumped on the road. He drove it back so everything is running ok. Thanks for all your help guys, please keep an eye out for the Gas firing 50cals and 30cal that are still missing.
  11. Our 50 and 30cals are gas firing crossfire models, so not classed as De-acts.
  12. The police have been down to the W&P site and checked it out, they found two CCTV cams but both were not working. No other info has come back. We have had a few different reports of people seeing the truck being taken. First was the green flat bed with the start on the door, the second was "LIGHT COLOURED BIG SCANNIA OR VOLVO ....THE DRIVER WORE A DARK BLUE POLO TOP WITH WHITE STRIPES ABOUT 2 INS' APART POSSIBLY ON BELGIAN PLATES"
  13. Just talked to the owner, its still missing, no sight of the truck yet. Thanks again for your help guys. Regards Mick
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