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  1. also i was finishing my Mamoth, The Model is also Remote Control
  2. i finished my Chevi now. i hope You like it
  3. neben dem Sonnenkompass hatten sie stets auch noch einen normelen Kompass mit an Board. Also mal wieder Eigenbau, Durchmesser 6mm Und fertig montiert Weiter gings mit den Farben.... Postshadow, Flächen aufgehellt, leichtes Chipping, Filtering, hier und da leichte Rostläufer. Außerdem heißt er nun Te Anau II Im Innenraum kamen z.T noch Pigmente zum Einsatz.
  4. One of the important things was the sun compass. I try to buildt it. It´s very small, like an thumbnail, of the little finger
  5. Allright Sir than i will fix this. Did u see that i fixed also the weaponholder?
  6. Now, i was doing some Details. Only the two weapons are finish with colouring.
  7. Hi Friends today i was working at my Modell, First i mixed the colour, than i build the ground out of woud. After that i build in the elektrical stuff. there is not so much room for such stuff, so i put it all to the back. More weight on the rear axle, better traction. ;-) Out of wood i was building some cases Now, i can do all the details and finishing
  8. Ups, sorry i was Misunderstanding that.
  9. Yesterday i put the first colour on it. Now, its the Point to make the sign´s on it, so i need to know which one i want to buildt. Did you have pic from "Colonne Leclerc"? Otherwise i try to build Te Anau I or II Thank u for help
  10. @Adrian You´r right. But basicly i try to build an fieldmodificationed Tank. If you look at the Gun you will see an old 75 A1 version. The Engine Deck is an A3 version. So, it´s a little bit of every type. An Tank build out of spare parts, somewhere in africa
  11. I found this Forum, when i was searching some pic´s of an british personalcarrier. Than i was reading a lot here and found more and more interesting stuff. This forum is really asmn and u guys too. What i try to build, is a collection of vehicles from north africa. I don´t have so much tools and you can find not that much information about allys vehicles here in Germany. Germans don´t know that much allys vehicles. And if, than russian, or american. But i try to build a modell so correctly as i can do and close to 100% historical correct. The mostly german modelbuilders are building
  12. @Kuno I don´t have that much, cause take a little time and money to build them.:-D
  13. You really helping me much, thank´s a lot. But i´ve one more question. i´m searching a long time for an pic auf the rear weapon, espacelly the mount.
  14. :-D you where faster than me. i have this picture to, but i couldn´t found it that fast und load it up to my server. Sorry that my english is not that good, but i try to learn it:nut::sweat:
  15. Wow, i dose it complte false. Thanks for this pic, no i can do it right.:dancinggirls:
  16. Hm, thats an good idea, but u think he will help me ? I´m just an modelbuilder. Didn´t his Chevi was in the Magazin: Military Machines, April 2006 ?
  17. thanks to all:banana: @Kuno Thanks for helping. Well i ´m just an normal modelbuilder, i always try to do the best. But i´m not perfect and i miss a lot of tools to. Every information, will help my to getting better Did You have any Pictures of that? Well, with the tires its mostly times a big Problem. Cause u can buy any they fit on here. Otherwise i found one Picture, they have pretty the same on their Lrdg´s.
  18. and finished colour job hope u like it
  19. I had to modified close to every Parts of this kit
  20. Hi again :-D Now i will sho u my british Sherman. Basic Modell is from Tamiya Scale 1:16 RC. The Tamiya modell shows normaly an 105 mm Howitzer, with the new Suspension. So i had a lot of work to rebuildt it, with an old suspension and modifacation to the older modell. thats what you can buy as an kit
  21. Basic Colour and Post Shadow and finished the red point is just on the Pics. In Germany is not allowed to show the sign from Hitler here is the History, where the Original was http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unternehmen_Theseus
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