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  1. Is that the lorry that Indiana Jones fought on in Raiders of the Lost Ark?? How rare are these things and is there any plans to rescue it.
  2. I think a book would be of enormous benefit to those who wish to start a project such as this, not only the stage by stage process that we have been privilaged to see, but also the pitfalls that come hand in glove with any restoration projects, I'm sure that it would inspire readers to get their hands dirty and would give them confidence that there is light at the end of a very long tunnel.
  3. Guys, this thread has been a riviting read, as a retired engineer all I can say is that your professionalism is outstanding and would be very difficult for any commercial engineers to carry out let alone being done at home and as a hobby albeit a labour of love. Words cannot express the admiration I have for your outstanding contribution to history and its only through the selfless dedicated efforts of people such as yourselves that we have these lovely early examples around. Keep it up, I am really looking forward to seeing the finished article, prehaps a vido clip of it on the move would top
  4. Hello everyone, I'm glad to have been accepted to this website, I have no vehicle but I am an avid collector/ reenactor of mainly British WW2. I have a full set of equipment patched up for the Dorsetshires. In my forraging I quite often come across vehicle type equipment and if it came as part of a lot, I usually give it away to needy folk. I look forward to participating in the forums.
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