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  1. The LT95 gearbox is the old Range Rover 4 speed unit. Recommended oil is engine oil in main gearbox and transfer case. Very strong gearbox, just the right one to have with a 3.9 4cyl diesel!
  2. I agree with ruxy, it is most likely a tappet slide problem. I have seen a cam follower roller break up in the past. If that's the case there will be no evidence of damage at the top end of the engine and you won't find the problem until the head is off and you start to remove the tappet slides and one of the rollers will have been destroyed. They are hardened and break up rather than develop flats. If that has happened you need to remove the camshaft to get all the bits out. From experience, if any bits are left in the gallery, they block the oil drain and the top end of the engine fills up!
  3. It was a weekend when I saw and photographed the Austin Fire engine at the Royal Ordnance Depot at Weedon, Northants, so no one about to ask. The Depot has a website with contact details, so I guess they would be the first point of contact. http://the-depot.uk/ Cheers, barry
  4. Yes, that's the one! It's standing outside looking forlorn at the Royal Ordnance Depot at Weedon! I thought it was worth posting a picture, just in case it was of interest to anyone Looks remarkably complete at the moment and may even be a relatively easy restoration. Barry.
  5. Found this yesterday, remarkably complete. In Northants. Barry
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