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  1. I did say it shouldn't be too posh!!!
  2. I think I would be concerned that spares might be a problem. Can you still get the tyres? What would be a fun thing to do would be to keep the tilt so it looked original but when rolled back revealed a camper/living van. It wouldn't have to be too posh.! I just like the idea of a camper in disguise that has awesome off road capability.!
  3. I have never even driven a RL lorry but I wouldn't want to push one.😆
  4. Thanks for the reminder Mike. I knew they had a funny name; I just couldn't; remember what it was. RSOLES indeed!🤭 BTW there is someone on the TV (Quest Channel?) who is converting a fire appliance to use as a camper van. I didn't know the Irish ones were yellow. Counter intuitive somehow. Not sure how I feel about chopping up a Goddess but I don't suppose they are much good as a fire tender these days...?
  5. RLs gone abroad ? That reminds me of when I was a student (many years ago) and there were two hippy type guys who had two ex Army RLs. One was fully equipped with masses of spare parts and plenty of extra fuel while the other was kitted out as a mobile tent. These two fellas were setting off for India where they hoped to find "spiritual fulfilment"! I have no idea whether they ever made it or not.!! 🥴 (BTW...good to chat with you again Rootes75 !)
  6. Hello everyone. I am joining this forum because I would like to have a chat with anyone who owns or who has owned a Bedford RL. I have seen these rugged vehicles in various guises so I thought perhaps there was an owners club but I can't seem to find one. One thing that has puzzled me is that a few years ago they seemed plentiful - with many having very low mileage - but now they seem to have virtually disappeared. I wonder where they have all gone? Ray.
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