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  1. Ah DSG. They and Holbrook's attitude to making a machine was "it looks a little light let's add more metal...still too light we'll add more". The resulting machines are built like a nuclear outhouse.
  2. A calliper won't tell you how worn the bores are. I suggest that you look for a bore comparator which you then measure with a calliper or micrometer. A huge word of warning; you can do a great deal of damage if you have lipped bores and go down the cheap route of new pistons and rings without reboring. The new rings could hit the lip and you might be in for a big repair bill....
  3. Sadly those machines will be beyond repair especially if water has got inside them. All those years of use with water soluble oil (the white coolant you often see) in factories will have done a great deal of damage too. As to those buses....we will all agree that much worse has been restored. They need to be saved.
  4. Perhaps asking here may bear fruit; Get in Touch – The Automobile They have a wide audience of very knowledgeable people and you may also get someone wanting to give it a home.
  5. Please, please tell me that the logbook has survived? I always find id rather sad when you have to go down the route of age related plate but....there is a chance; KENTKent History & Library Centre, James Whatman Way, Maidstone, ME14 1LQ (03000 41 31 31) Email: archives@kent.gov.uk Open Monday to Saturday.Registers 1904-1974 (Note KN 4488-92 are omitted from the KN register). GIM register D-G 1-1199; HMC registers 1905-20; TP registers (KT and KE) 1923-34; Registers of imported vehicles. Many of the old archive records are in a word CRAP! One of my bikes which luckily was known to the DVLA still retained the original 20's logbook but Dad bought it because we were looking for a vintage bike with a local number. When I approached the records office (it is shown that they have these registers) we were told that they had been lost in a fire so instead I was send a copy from the cancelation book....our bike is in it; taken off the road in 1935. All it shows is reg number, type of vehicle and who had it. Later records from the three letter sequence that survive include the date but zilch about what the vehicle is! Anyone wishing to try and trace a registration mark head here; Kithead Trust | Educational charity set up to collect and preserve material from the transport industries who have a complete list of what survives and where.
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