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  1. Thanx have done now
  2. Hi I sent the receipt with the V5 and DVLA never sent it back with the V5 I have tried many times to contact them but cannot get through what gave them the right to throw my receipt away for it
  3. Hi I've had my logbook sent back three times now by DVLA I have two motorcycles both in my name one was brought as I doner bike I want to swap the engine over on one which is just a rolling chassis they are bike from the eighties I've have owned theses for about 10 years now And DVLA wont change the engine number what can I do to resolve this issue as I dont want to have to take the engine back out as I want to put it on the road any help would be much appreciated
  4. Hi I have two suzuki gs motorcycle from the eighties on I have as a doner bike and wanted to change the engine I have owned theses bikes for some years now three time I have sent the logbook off to dvla to change the engine number and they still haven't done so what can I do to change this I dont have a receipt for them
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