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  1. Hi Bryan, thanks a lot, but I can ´t use the link... don ´t know why...
  2. Hello guys, how can I get the great smell of old military ww2 vehicules to my new canvas? I bought the tin of Canvak Canvas, but there is no smell which I love so much!! Thanks a lot! Jiri
  3. Thanks a lot! Very interesting pcs!
  4. Very nice!! Mine is ...
  5. Hi Jan, thank you very much for all information. Now I am sending some pictures of my engine stamps...And my friend´s registration plate...
  6. Hi, amazing!! Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi Ron, there was big problem in the Czech Republic with covid (me and all my family was illness - not very nice experience), but I am a teacher, so I got the first vaccination a month ago. It is safe for me and others too. Anyway - maybe you are Ron - the owner of my favourite jeep!!
  8. Hello Jan, thank you very much! Absolutly amazing!! I am from the Czech Republic. These motorcycles were bought last year in France. Me and my friend are going to go to Normandy on 3rd June with our bikes. Thanks a lot again. We are keeping the touch! Regards Jiri
  9. The second one is this:
  10. Thanks a lot. The first one is this:
  11. Thanks, I have to verify the year of production by the frame and engine number. But still I would like to have the inscription by the small size...
  12. Hello, I would like to have an inscription "Royal Enfield" on my RE WDCO from 1938 on the fuel tank. Can anybody recommend me the font and size? Thanks! Jiri
  13. Thanks a lot, I am going to try it. Regards Jiri

  14. Jiri


    Hello, I ´ve got Royal Enfield WDCO from 1938 and I would like to have inscription "Royal Enfield" on the fuel tank. Can you recommend me the font (or anything else)? Thanks a lot! Jiri
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