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  1. Thanks. I'll give both of those a try.
  2. Hi Folks My first post here so be kind My father died last year. He was a mad keen military vehicle guy all his life. He had a good collection of vehicles at one time which made my childhood much more interesting than the other kids. Or at least I thought so. The vehicles have all gone now but he also had a collection of military vehicle books. I know at least a few of them were desirable as when other military vehicle guys visited they were always jealous and sometimes offered to buy certain issues. He had told my sister of a military vehicle book dealer who would buy them all. But they didn't write the name down and now nobody can recall. I would love to keep them but I live in Australia now so my sister has been saddled with dealing with it. She doesn't want to list individual books. She would like to sell them all in one hit. And we would like them to go into the system to be bought by other enthusiasts and not have collectable special interest books end up in a local junk shop. Can anyone tell me of any military vehicle book dealers who would buy a job lot? Thanks loads Jack
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