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  1. Good day Kevin, thank you for your comments. Yes I have seen the RIICH carriers at the hobby store when I decided to start into this hobby. They were a bit pricey compared to the Tamiya carrier for a first build, not knowing how it would turn out and if I would continue to take this up as a true hobby. So starting from scratch, I went and purchased a few books, paints /weathering products, brushes, Eduard Photo Etch, and a whole lot of tools. Then an inexpensive kit, with ties to my Uncles involvement during WW2 ( 10 -11 months later a product). Now that I have spent way more on supplies then the kit and the first product turned out reasonably well ( not yet at the standards of things posted on modeling sites), I feel I will continue. My plan is to start by building kits the have a ties to my families involvement in WW2. This will test my ability to build planes , a ship and varies land vehicles . My next build will be a SPG Archer 1:35 scale from Tamiya. Note this is the first time ever using photo etch, figures and hand painting everything. Boy the real world of proper modeling is quite a shock, considering my last build as a 13 yr. old, which was more of a right of passage for teens at that time. A quick slap together, some basic paint and done. Thanks again Dennis
  2. 1:35 Scale Tamiya Universal carrier Mk ll, first attempt at using photo etch ( eduard upgrade), as well as figures and simple diorama. Painted and finished with all Vallejo products . Completely Hand Painted. My uncle crewed one in Italy and NW Europe during WW2. All comments welcome as help improve my next build an Archer SPG.e, to help me improve for my next build an Archer SPG.
  3. Good day folks, I am Dennis. Retired and starting to build military models after not modeling for 52 yrs. I have not created anything since i was 13 yrs. old , a quickly built simple kit. A 1;48 scale Spitfire with no reguard to accuracy or quality of finish. typical right of passage fro young teenagers at that time. Boy have things changed to a quality product!!!
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